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About two - thirds of the way between the Northern Madagascar and the Northern Mozambique, off the South Coast of the African Continent, and North of the country of Madagascar , there is the Comoros Chain of Islands, made up of three volcanic islands. One of the world's poorest countries, Comoros has a rapidly increasing population and very few natural resources, which are the base of the justification of the very low economy from here. The official languages spoken in the Comoros are French and Arabic. The climate in this country is a Tropical Marine one, and the rainy season is from the months November to May.

The main tourist attractions in the Comoros country are the beaches which make for some tourists, to be very nice ecotourism attractions with their coral reef diving and deep-sea fishing, which are the usual activities that everyone can enjoy.

The Comoros Islands does not have a strong tourism industry, and the most popular attractions here are the diving excursions and the trips to the very active and distinct volcanoes from the main island, which are also booked on the spot and are generally accommodating with the customer's own needs and also preferences for the vacation. Tourists in the Comoros Islands are mainly rich Americans and Europeans and much of the investment in hotels has come from the near country of South Africa . In the deep waters around the interesting and unique Comoros Islands , lives now the famous and amazing coelacanth, a unique and original fish which was once thought by the entire world – renowned Western scientists for being for sure extinct for some tens of millions of hard years.

Comoros Travel


Some specimens have been preserved in a perfect state, and we can see these wonderful exponents today in the different museums from all around the whole world. There is a great abundance of natural life in the sea near - by the Comoros Islands , from the big and giant whales to large and ferocious sharks, to the big manta rays, the sailfish, and the sunfish, to even peaceful lobsters and crabs, and even tiny shrimps. In the deep water around each island, there are coral reefs and some amazing sandy beaches, plus some fresh and clear (also pure) water streams and also wonderful shoreline springs, which are providing many natural habitats for the entire marine life. The mountainous terrain present on several of the islands from the Comoros creates a variety of animal and plant species. Several species are unique to the Comoros Islands , such as the Livingstone's Flying Fox, a fruit bat with a wing span, which can exceed four feet.

On the West Coast of the Grande Comore Island there is the city of Moroni , the official capital of the Comoros since the year 1962 and harbor to the Indian Ocean . In translation from the Arabic language, the name means “happiness”. There is an entire mixture from the modern buildings, old houses and to the Arabian Mosques. In the local architecture we can also see some French influences. All the tourists may do a tour of the isle with a ship and this tour will be difficult to be forgotten in the future of their life, making that an unforgettable experience. They may photo the volcano Karthala, if they will want to have a special memory, of the amazing and wonderful Comoros Islands .


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