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The country of Congo, in the Central African Continent, formerly an old French Colony in some centuries ago, should not be confused now with the larger neighboring country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly the old Belgian Congo known as Zaire), a little larger than the United Kingdom, but is sparsely populated. It has the large river Congo and it is now tributary, the Ubangui, to the South - Eastern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (also known as Zaire ). Most of the country is situated on a low - land plateau and on the large Atlantic Coast, where there is now a low – land Coastal Plain.

The country of Congo is on the second place in the world, in terms of the biggest river flow in the world, the river Congo (with more than 46 000 m.3 / s.), and on the second place in the world with the deepest lake in the world, the Tanganyika Lake (with a maximum depth of more than 1425m.).

The distinct dry and non - humid season in the country of Congo is between the months of June and September, when the powerful sun and the inter – tropical and sub - tropical rain - belt are at the farthest possible North; there is a second dry season also, but on a short drier period, starting from the month of January, when the rain - belt is at its farthest South.

Congo Travel

Brazzaville , the capital of Congo , lies in the actual North of the big and powerful African Congo River, which is 508 km inland from the Atlantic Ocean and also South to the main Equator Line. Around the city of Brazzaville is a large Savanna and it is situated at the altitude of almost 319 meters above the see (ocean's) level.

In the capital of Brazzaville , you may see (if you will go in this city of this African country) the Musée National du Congo, founded in the year of 1965, in which there is a collection of Congolese Art and Historical Artifacts. There are many notable and important buildings in this very interesting city, including St. Anne's Basilica, built in the year 1949, which is known for its very green and beautiful tiled roof, the Nabemba Tower and also the amazingly beautiful Congressional Palace. You may also visit the Marien Ngouabi Mausoleum, the Brazzaville National Zoo and also the Poto - Poto School of Beautiful Painting.

Both the cities of Brazzaville and also Pointe Noire have nowadays some very high International or National Standard Hotels like the big building of Novotel and even the tall building of Le Méridien, but the travel facilities and utilities and facilities accommodation is much characterized by the absence of the International Hotels. The Ecotourism becomes in our period of life the main tourism product, which is now on offer in the beautiful and unique Congo - Brazzaville and the country's three National Parks should satisfy the most demanding of the foreign customers and tourists. The Odzala National Park is one of the oldest National Parks from the African Continent with 13 600 km2 of wildlife reserve, which is located in the heart of the Congo basin rainforest in Republic of Congo, near the border with the near – by country of Gabon. The park offers you many varied possibilities to see many African species, which can include the gorillas, lions, hyenas, elephants, buffaloes, and even leopards, in their natural surroundings, and as a very important bonus to this all, comes the rich biodiversity of the Tropical and Sub - Tropical flora found in the Rain Forests and the Savanna lands.


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