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Copenhagen International Airport

Copenhagen International Airport is located twelve miles from the downtown center of Copenhagen. It is known for its ease with which passengers can transfer between flights or connect between flights and for its accessibility to surrounding cities, with an express train connecting the airport to other main train lines, a metro line running directly to and form surrounding cities, a main freeway which runs right by the airport, and buses which stop directly at the terminals, all of which are fast, efficient, and comfortable.

It is also known for its extremely efficient check-ins, security checkpoints, baggage handling, restaurants and stores, fast immigration and customs, and first class facilities, and for its world-renown architecture as well, being a model of Dutch architecture and design.

With many of its terminals and buildings often studied for their architectural design, particularly its Vilhelm Lauritzen terminal, which was moved in its entirety from its original location for a cost of 100 million (it also set a still standing Guinness World Record for largest European building move), this airport is known worldwide for its Dutch architectural features, including Scandinavian bright lines and lots of light everywhere, a clean modern look, and panoramic windows and skylights everywhere. With top notch services as well as additional unique features (see below), this airport is ranked among the best in the world year after year.

In terms of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, this airport is said to have one of the best seafood restaurants found anywhere in the world, a great number of exclusive luxury shops as well as more affordable stores, and first rate art pieces that have been placed throughout the entire airport; these art pieces are also modern as well, having been purposely chosen to enhance the modern design of the terminals and buildings.

Furthermore, Copenhagen International Airport is one of the only international airports in the world that has placed such effort and thought into enhancing its architecture with such carefully chosen and placed art works; modern art and sculpture together comprise an art collection which includes some of the finest Danish artists, including Vilhelm Lauritzen, Jørn Larsen and Lin Utzon, as well as Robert Jacobsen and Hanne varming. Other notable features include its easy transportation connections to Sweden, with all trains to Sweden stopping at the airport, a sleepers lounge on the second floor in the main terminal, showers, and free wi fi service. A cultural showcase for Dutch architecture and its corresponding modern art movement as well as a model of efficiency and first rate passenger handling, Copenhagen International Airport is one of the most unique and best airport traveling experiences available to passengers today.

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