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Costa Rica is a country located on the Central American isthmus, to the East borders both the Caribbean Sea and to the West, the North Pacific Ocean with a total of 1,290 kilometers of Coastline. Costa Rica borders with the country of Nicaragua to the North, and Panama to the South – South - East.
The highest mountainous point in the country is the “Cerro Chirripó”, at an average altitude of almost 3,820 meters and it is the fifth highest mountainous peak in the Central America , and the highest volcano in the country is the Irazú Volcano. The largest lake in the Central American Costa Rica is the Lake Arenal. Costa Rica also comprises several islands, such as the Cocos Island and the Calero Island.

There is a mild climate in the Costa Rica , with an average temperature which ranges between 15°C and 28.3°C. The rainy season is from the month of April to the late month of November, but the cloudiness and the rainfalls can occur during the entire dry season. The weather is also very windy and for this, the temperatures can decrease even more; the relative humidity tends to range between the values of 60% and 90%.

Costa Rica Travel

The language which is the most spoken, and which is nowadays the official language in this part of the world is the Spanish Language.

The capital is the city of San Jose and the largest city of the Latin country of Costa Rica , which is located in the Central Valley . San José is the seat of national government, of the focal point of the political and the economic activity, and it is one of the youngest capitals of the Latin America . It is a modern, unique and original city, with a bustling commerce, which has brisk expressions of Art and Architecture and it is also a significant destination for all the foreign visitors. San José's European styled downtown is a popular gathering place for people of this city, but also for the foreign travelers, which has numerous tourist attractions around the San José such as: the El Pueblo, a place with more than 50 bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and even shops, the “Calle de la Amargura”, which is also a place near the University of Costa Rica where there are many bars, restaurants, discos and caters for all the students, with lots of food and drinks for relatively low prices, and also the “Pueblo Antiguo”, a theme park with many museums and a massive complex called the “Parque de Diversiones de Costa Rica”.

In the Central Mail Building there are some local cafés, where the national Costa Rican coffee is prepared and served in typical Costa Rican way and style. The Gold Museum offers an unusual view of various gold artifacts, dating back from the ancient and mysterious Latin American Civilizations, and another interesting attraction for the less adventurous travelers, who are visiting the Costa Rican Country, is the Lankester Botanical Gardens.

Costa Rica was a pioneer in the ecotourism, because many local or foreign tourists are visiting the National Parks and all the protected areas around the country. The Tortuguero National Park, which can be easily translated from the Spanish language as the "Full of Turtles", is home to many species of spiders, howlers and white-throated Capuchin monkeys, the three-toed sloths, more than 320 species of birds, and a big variety of reptiles, giant leatherbacks, hawksbills, and even loggerhead turtles, which are also nesting there .The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is home to about 2,000 different plant species, including numerous orchids, over 400 types of birds, which can be found here, and over 100 species of mammals.

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