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Arts/Craft/Collectible Festivals

Venice Biennale
Where: Venice, Veneto, Italy
When: February
An exhibition of contemporary art that takes place every two years.

The Doll's Festival Momo-no-Sekku (Hinamatsuri)
Where: Okinawa, Japan
When: March 3 (Girl’s Day)
According to a legend in Japan, girls that want to marry should display their doll collection for more than three days. So on March 3 each year doll displays appear in stores and in the homes of young girls. During the festival girls dress in traditional kimono and host parties for their friends serving rice cakes, rice wine and peach blossoms. When the party has finished the family gathers to honour the girls and prayers are said for their health and prosperity. The dolls, called hina ningyo, can vary in size and price and be rather elaborate.

Adelaide Festival of Arts
Where: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
When: March (even numbered years)
This biennial two-week festival is one of the world’s greatest celebrations of the arts. And Adelaide is a fantastic venue for it with many settings within a short distance of each other. Events include some of the best Australian and international acts in visual, written and live performance. There’s opera, theatre, dance, cabaret, classical and modern music and more.

White Nights Festival
Where: St Petersburg, Russia
When: May-July
This annual international arts festival takes its name from the summer season when the sun does not set. It consists of ballet, opera and classical music and includes both Russian and famous international stars. Invariably the performances finish at midnight so the audience can leave while the sun still shines and continue on to explore the city. The Secret Sails celebration is the culmination of the program and has an attendance of about one million people.

Bali Arts Festival
Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: June
This month long festival features a plethora of daily performances, wonderful handicrafts, local food and various cultural activities. The Balinese are particularly renowned for their dance and choreography and the festival features mask dances, classical dances such as the gambuh and kecak, stage acts and other musical talent.  There are also contemporary performances from other Indonesian islands and abroad.

Yowah Opal Festival

Where: Yowah, Queensland, Australia
When: Mid July
If you’ve always wanted a pretty opal stone or just want to enjoy celebrations of Australia’s national gemstone, join the miners in remote Yowah for their annual festival. The tiny town hosts a weekend of events including a designer jewellery competition, world class specimens of the Yowah Nut Opal, food, dancing and other novelty events.
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