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Croatia tours and sightseeing

A small attractive county by the Adriatic Sea. The war in the early 1990's interrupted the tourist industry, but it's now flourishing as visitors flock to the country's beautiful coastal and island resorts. Croatia lies in south eastern Europe. The Dinara mountain range covers its central region and to the south lies the Adriatic coastline, which includes a number of islands. Cres and Krk are the largest and 47 are inhabited.

Croatia Travel

Croatia is a beautiful, sunny country in the Southern Europe, in the East Sea Coastline of the very beautiful Adriatic Sea, in the very near East of the European country of Italy . Nowadays, it is now surrounded by the very friendly neighbor country of Slovenia in the North - West, Hungary in the North, and the other country Bosnia & Herzegovina in the South - East, Serbia to the East, and Montenegro in the South. Because of the large annual influx of many German and even Italian tourists, many of the local people, Croatians, speak English as their second language, but also German and Italian are very popular, along them.
The northern of Croatia has a continental rich climate, whereas the very Central part of Croatia with it's partly semi - mountainous and also totally mountainous regions has a very mountainous beautiful climate. The Adriatic Coastline has a much pleasant and also very relaxing Mediterranean Climatic Standards; the spring and the autumn are very mild at the Adriatic Coastline and Islands, while the winter is very cold, and in some cases snowy in the Central and the Northern regions. Geographically speaking, the country of Croatia is very diverse and very rich; with some flat plains are along the actual Hungarian border and with Low - Land Mountains and also highlands very near with the beautiful Adriatic Sea Coastline and also Islands.

The capital and also largest Croatian City or bigger Town from Croatia , is Zagreb , Dubrovnik being an ancient historic coastline town and a genuine UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, and also, don't forget about the city of Split , an ancient port town with some very interesting Roman archaeological ruins. Ruskamen is the most exotic city from Croatia , because it has the most beautiful exotic beaches from the whole Adriatic Coastline. If you are very interested about the history part, it will be very smart to visit the Historical Complex of the city of Split , which has there the Great Palace of Diocletian, the beautiful Plitvice National Park or the Catholic Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasy Basilica in the old and very attractive Historic Centre from Porec.

Croatia tours

Many persons come in the wonderful Balcanic country of Croatia for adventure holidays, where they can participate at great explorations or at cycling tours, adventures in attractive destinations with various activities such as sailing, cultural tours, Scuba Diving, horseback riding, cannoning, etc. or even kayaking, bicycling, hiking, diving, sailing in warm, unspoiled rivers and lakes, mountains and in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Croatia was the first country in the European Continent to start with the concept of Commercial Naturist Resorts, because 15% of all the foreign tourists, who where visiting the country are naturists or nudists. Many Naturist Beaches within Croatia are having reached the "FKK" standard, and the most popular nudist destinations are in Pula , Hvar and in the island of Rab . Sailing is a good way to see the Coastal Islands from the Adriatic Sea , and to admire the small archipelagos. There are many charters which are leaving on a regular basis from the National Airport of Split or the surrounding area in North or South Circuits.

Croatia tour

In Croatia there are many types of accommodation such as apartments, small private hotels, two - and three - star hotel resorts and five - star luxury hotels.

Step back in time to discover some of the medieval relics of Zagreb, the country's capital city. The thousand-year old Upper Town is home to the Presidential Palace, the parliament, museums and a labyrinth of cobbled streets.

A visit to Split's Palace of Diocletian won't disappoint. It's considered by many as the greatest Roman ruin in Western Europe. There are also many castles and forts located around the Croatian countryside. Dubrovnik, a city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea is one of the country's most beautiful places, with splendid and well preserved ancient fortresses, palaces and buildings.

For those that dare to bare there are thriving naturist resorts and campsites on the Croatian Adriatic coastline. There are more than 30 official naturist resorts and beaches, and the first one was opened on Paradise Beach on the island of Rob in 1934.

The country's most famous national park is Plitvice with many lakes and waterfalls and a good place for serious hikers.

Croatia transport

There are many ways to get to Croatia. Zagreb is the main entry point and many airlines fly there.

There's an ample road and rail infrastructure, and the country can be easily reached by train, bus and car from other European destinations. Catching a ferry from Italy is another option. The two main sea ports are Rijeka and Ploce. Croatia also has numerous river ports.

Croatia climate

Many people visit the coastal region, and it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters.

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