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Tips in Dealing with Customs and Entry Requirements

Are you looking for tips on dealing with customs and entry requirements? The term customs refers to an agency in a country that is responsible for collecting duties and controlling the flow of goods. Every country has a "customs" agency, though usually one thinks of customs when traveling between North American countries. The rules on traveling from country to country can vary greatly between regions and local laws. It is best to consult the country's embassy and customs website for information before planning a trip. However, when in doubt, you should always behave conservatively.

Visas will not always be required for entry. It depends on the country and their current laws, which are largely based on various global issues. If you are making plans to buy a passport or visa, then do so well in advance of the trip.

Customs may forbid certain items for import or export. Never bring narcotics anywhere in your vehicle and keep a close watch on your bags and or vehicles so there are no misunderstandings. While firearms, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco products, agricultural products and pornographic materials might be locally acceptable, it may be risky to attempt bringing these items inside or outside a foreign country. Some countries may allow you to bring in small amounts of alcohol or tobacco products, while others will restrict them outright.

For instance, for an American traveling to Mexico, he or she may be restricted in the amount of personal luggage allowed. The technical requirement is that items packed should "reasonably respond to the duration of the trip and that due to its quantities may not be used for commercial purposes." Bear in mind that Mexican customs does also limit certain specifications on mobile phones, photographic or video cameras, laptop computers and liquor and cigarettes. Anything that looks suspicious can be confiscated or heavily taxed. If you have any prescription medication always bring the doctor's prescription with you.

You also have to apply these rules to exporting items. Keep all receipts of any goods purchased and always purchase items with caution. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your next trip.

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