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Coming from the Greek word "Kypros" which means copper, the island of the Republic of Cyprus, is located in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Third in size after Sicily and Sardinia, it has a land-mass of 9250 sq km and an estimated population of 800,000 people. The island was a former British colony which gained its independence in 1960. It later became a European Union Community member on 1st May 2004. Today, it is a popular tourist destination which attracts 2.5 million visitors a year including many from the UK, France, Greece and the rest of the world.


Pafos is located on the south west of Cyprus Island. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea . The town was the ancient capital of Cyprus which houses the Temple of Aphrodite. Although the roman emperor rebuilt the city extensively after an earthquake in 100 BC, it deteriorated in importance after being ravished by a large earthquake in the 4th century. The town only returned to significance in the 20 th century when it was linked with better roads.


Known by the Greek as Lemesos, the city lies in the southern region of the Cyprus Island fringing the Akrotiri bay. The city also represents the major manufacturing centre of Cyprus where wines, beers, tobacco products are manufactured for export. Kolossi Castle 's ruins, where it was reputed that King Richard the Lion Hearted honeymooned here, is to the west of this city. Nearby is also the ruin of an 11 th century Mycenaean settlement. The city also contains the chapel where King Richard and Berengaria were married.

Cyprus Travel


Larnaka city lies on the southeastern region of Cyprus. Cyprus ' main airport is also located in the region. It is also one of the main resort cities of Cyprus boasting of a marina, a waterfront promenade trimmed with cafes and palm tress. The place is throbbing hive of activities during the celebration of Kataklysmos' feast during which the whole city converged on the shore for singing, dancing as well as feasting. Water sports are also a major attraction during this time of the year. And the area with many Cyprus hotels.

Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountain represents the larger of two ranges that are found on the island. It is southwest of the Mesaoria plain. The highest peak of Cyprus, Mount Olympus is situated here. With a height of 1950 metres, the summit is blanketed with snow during the winter months making it an ideal place for Cyprus skiing.

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