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Dog Training Course in Kenton Paw Park

Dog Training Course in Kenton Paw Park

Kenton Paw Park
3950 Madison Pike, Covington, Ky. USA


Dog parks are great for not only animals, but also their owners. They give them the opportunity to socialize, get involved in the local community and learn new training skills. There is a packed calendar at the Kenton Paw Park, including doggie pool parties, activities, games, and dinners for dogs and their owners. The location is fantastic, and this park was created on the famous Madison Pike in Kenton County. You can not only find great friends here, but loads of nature, and facilities such as a small dog area, benches, picnic tables and agility courses. There are manylocal veterinarians attending the events and courses to share their knowledge with dog lovers.

You can visit the on-site library and learn how to get your puppy’s attention by reading them relevant tales. Kids will also go and read to your dog, if you would like them to. Still, there is more to do at this venue than walking dogs; the beautiful scenery and great modern design of the park will not only amaze owners, but dogs as well.

If you have just got a dog and would like to get some professional advice or help, this is the best place to go. There are many agility courses and different levels of dog training courses. The best thing is that the prices are kept low, considering that you get professional advice for free while attending a dog training course.

The Northern Kentucky Bluebird Trail is a real green initiative the park sponsors, and they currently have a couple of environmental impact projects going on. If you would like your kids to be aware of these issues, you should not leave them at home.
Kentucky offers more than recreation, and if you would like to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog, the Kenton Paw Park will offer all the facilities you need. Further, there are other recreational programs and activities organized in the local parks as well


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