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Located between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean sea Dominica is a volcanic island with 754 square kilometres of land mass. Dominica is known for its large mountain ranges and tropical rainforests which are filled with rivers and large cascading water falls. Also of major importance to the tourism industry in Dominica are the fumaroles including Boiling Lake and the high number of whales which remain close to the coastal shore line.

Dominica has one of the highest annual rates of rainfall in the Caribbean with up to 300 inches each year. January to June however is considered to be the dry season where rainfall is reduced significantly.

The Dominica Department of Tourism advises visitors to the country to be aware that the hurricane season is contained to late August and early September. Hurricanes experienced in Dominica are not as severe as those experienced on other islands throughout the Caribbean.

Travelling to Dominica is relatively easy with most major airlines from the United States flying directly into Melville Hall International Airport . Immigration standards are relaxed in Dominica and all that is required of visitors to the island is to have a valid passport which is not due to expire within three months and proof of an onward airline ticket from the island.

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