Dublin nightlife

Over 600 pubs in Dublin make this the ideal city for a pub crawl! The most popular area with visitors to Dublin looking for a drink or ten is called Temple Bar. This may sound like an appropriate name for such an area, though actually the 'bar' refers to a sand bar not somewhere you go for a drink! Even so, there's pub after pub lining the streets here which allow visitors to get served up until 11.30pm on a weeknight and some as late as 3am at the weekend.

Dublin nightlife

Temple Bar is the cultural centre of Dublin and the layout of the city streets have not been changed since Medieval times, so the streets are narrow and many are still cobbled, adding to its charm.


Although buying drinks here is not particularly cheap, it's the ambiance and history of Dublin that combines with the high number of pubs to make this such a popular city. The Temple Bar area features many historical pubs with brightly painted exteriors adorning the quaint cobbled streets. History buffs will like the fact that you can drink in Dublin 's oldest pub, called The Brazen Head, established in 1198, then there's Kavanagh's pub whose interior hasn't been touched for the past 100 years so is a real step back in time! Of course, tourists coming here with one thing on their minds (getting drunk) probably don't care too much about which pub they do it in!

Dublin has far more to offer visitors than its pubs though - visitors can see the Guinness Storehouse exhibition and visit the Old Jameson Distillery!

Dublin has an international airport, located about 6 miles (10km) outside the city. Flights from the UK , Europe, the United States and Dubai are available with Aer Lingus, or connect through the UK if flying from any other destinations.

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