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Ecuador is the most little country from the Andean countries, with the highest dated, on statistical bases, average population density in the whole South American Continent, and also the highest and most important percentage for all Native Americans. The country of Ecuador extends over the both sides of the great Equator Line, bordered in the North by the neighbour country of Colombia and at the East and also South, by the South American Country of Peru. 97% of all Ecuador 's population and people is Roman Catholic and Spanish Language is the official and dominant language in Ecuador , but they spoke also the Native Amerindian Languages and the Quechua Language. The Republic of Ecuador has three major cities: Quito the Capital, Guayaquil and Cuenca , major cities, which are very profound related to the Economic and Cultural “Industries”.

Ecuador travel

Most of the country has nowadays a very dry (non- humid) season and a wet (rainy) season, no matter the actual season, typically, the best actual weather in the Andes will be around the full moon. From this phenomenon benefit mostly, the alpinists, known as snow climbers, who are climbing at night with some more light and some minimal improved general weather conditions.

There is very interesting a travel in the Amazon Jungle where there are more than 4600 species of pure orchids, and also many plants with a lot of medicinal value, beautiful butterflies, amazing bats, loud monkeys, sloths, colored parrots, scary macaws, smart river dolphins and even some caimans. The Ecuadorian Amazon offers now a wide range of general activities such as swimming, exciting canoe journeys, Equatorial and rain forest walks, relaxing bird watching, and animal spotting, and, in some peaceful periods of time, some visits at the local indigenous jungle communities, making this country a very important tourist attraction in the future periods. Here you can see, if you will make a visit in this country, many indigenous ethnic groups. Several indigenous ethnic groups are living along in peace, generally, each separate group maintaining its own distinct Culture and Traditions, which are past down to the future generations, for thousands of years.

There will be a very special event, a visit on the beautiful Galapagos Islands , famous for their unique fauna and flora, best known being the huge tortoises (Galapagos). Here is the place where the English naturalist and evolutionist, Charles Darwin, made the major portion of his observation that led to his theories on evolution and on the Origin of the Species, and many scientists have since carried out research on the beautiful sunny islands.

Ecuador has several archeological sites and ruins left by the very old, Ancient Civilizations of the Incas or belonging to other Amerindians Civilizations, the most spectacular Inca site being the Ingapirca . Other archeological sites include the Rumicucho, La Tolita , and the Tomebamba in the city of Cuenca .

The ancient archeological site from Valdivia Culture, which is dating back from the year (approximately) 3300 BC, left many valuable remains now at the Real Alto , at the San Isidro and at the Santa Elena. Artifacts from most of these beautiful places are best seen in many big and important museums in the Ecuadorian Cities and Towns of the Guayaquil and the Quito.

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