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El Salvador is the smallest country in the continental America , and it is affectionately called the "Tom Thumb of the Americas ". It shares borders with the Central American Countries of the Guatemala and the Honduras , and this country, is the only Central American country which does not have till now, a Coastline to the Caribbean Sea.

Several small rivers flow through the sunny country of El Salvador into the Pacific Ocean , but the Lempa is the largest river, navigable for much important commercial traffic. There are here present many volcanic craters, which are enclosing the lakes; the most important “volcanic lakes” are the Lake Ilopango and the Lake Coatepeque.

El Salvador has, in general, a Tropical and Sub – Tropical climate with only two seasons: mainly wet and very dry, the rainy season extending from the months of May till October. The general temperatures are varying primarily with the elevation and also show of some little seasonal changes, the Pacific Ocean 's lowlands being nowadays uniformly hot; also, the central plateau and the high - latitudinal mountain areas are much more moderate, in terms of general temperatures. Rainfalls during this specific season come from a very low pressure area over the Pacific Ocean , and this the main cause for the usually fall in some heavy and generous afternoon thunderstorms. The hurricanes are occasionally forming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

El Salvador Travel

San Salvador is the capital of the Central American Country of El Salvador, the largest city of the Nation of El Salvador, and the second most populous city in the Central America ; the metropolis covers an area of approximately 568 km². The city's altitude of 560 meters above the sea level located, on a valley on the skirts of the Quezaltepec Volcano.

El Salvador is a part of the beautiful Mayan World and it has some amazing Pre - Columbian major archaeological sites with many beautiful archaeological treasures to the Guija, the stepped pyramids to Tazumal and San Andres, a pre-Columbian settlement, which was here buried under some 6 whole meters of burning dark ashes from the eruption of the big and powerful Laguna Caldera Volcano, at around 610 AD to the Joya de Ceren.

The Pacific Coastline is only 20 minutes or so from the actual capital of El Salvador, which really means some 180 mile of dark sand coastline, which begins with the "Garita Palmera", which is near the very short Guatemalan border and it continues in South, with the principal hotel and also golf developments from the La Costa del Sol to the even more beautiful beaches of the El Espino and also the El Cuco and the more popular surfing beach from El Zunzal.

The 2418 meter mountain summit of Montecristo, at the borders with El Salvador , Honduras and Guatemala there is one of the largest and most magnificent cloud forests of the entire Central American Continent. The visiting times are only from the month of October till the month of March, in order to allow all the wild animals to breed in peace and in the National Parks remoteness there are also present some rare species.

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