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Equatorial Guinea is one of the most little countries in Central Africa Region, and it comprises into two distinct territories: a Mainland Continental Region and an Insular Outside Region, which contains the Annobón Island , the Bioko Island and several other offshore little islands such as the Corisco Island . The capital, the city of Malabo , is located on the island of Bioko , off the coast of Cameroon. The mainland and principal territory or region of the Equatorial Guinea is located, in nowadays, between the Cameroon and the Gabon. The biggest city or town placed in the mainland is the Bata city. The official languages spoken in the Equatorial Guinea are Spanish and French, both of them spoken equally in this part of the world.

The island of Bioko is one of the most beautiful places in all the African Continent, here being more than 50 unique species of plants, and even 200 species of birds, which are here flying amongst the island's three volcanic mountain peaks. This wonderful sunny island is located 20 miles off the coast of Cameroon , and it is a very important part of the African country of the Equatorial Guinea.

In the North there is the capital of Malabo and in the South; the island becomes increasingly rural, devolving into some large isolated, undisturbed virgin rainforests. The city of Malabo is a city with graceful Spanish buildings and constructions, and attractive views across the harbor where, if you visit this country, you will see the unique and original giant fruit bats living in the trees. The beautiful Malabo Cathedral, built in the Spanish Gothic style, is located in the same square as the President's Palace. The City Hall and its gardens are also a very interesting place to visit.

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All of the visitors should also not miss taking a walk to the marketplace, where all of them will find many interesting things, from typical fruits and vegetables to the traditional fabric and crafts, and traditional clothes. The climate is generally tropical, always very hot and even humid.

The important discovery of some big and valuable petroleum and natural gas reserves in the recent years is now altering the main economic & finance domain, and the overall political standard and status of the country, itself. Driven nowadays by the very recent economic and finance boom, the overall business tourism and all the general services for all the businessmen will now develop on a quick step, in particular the hotel and the conference facilities. There is also a highly sustained increase from all the foreign investments in the country of Equatorial Guinea, in order to meet the biggest expectations and necessities of the domain of business travel and the overall growth of the car and other vehicles rental and even transportation services for the business travelers, in order to move in the entire island.

The overall travel accommodation, utilities and facilities are mostly traditional, but Hilton opened a large and very important international high - standard hotel in the year 2006 - 2007, and also, there are some two international and national conference centers with many exclusivist and exquisite villas, which are now housing very important guests and also heads of nation state on their official visits. There are also governmental plans for the construction of a beach resort in Annobon, and also some national governmental plans to encourage the development of the general accommodation facilities and utilities in the islands of the Bioko and the Annobon, and for promoting the natural attractions of the country, in order to develop the eco - tourism.

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