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Common Ridings
Where: Hawick, Selkirk, Jedburgh and Lauder, Scotland
When: June and July
Common Riding is an annual event that Scottish border towns celebrate to commemorate the ancient custom of riding the town boundaries to protect their people. Today it's an equestrian extravaganza and held in all these border towns on varying dates throughout the summer. The focus of the events is a mounted procession around the fields marking the town’s boundaries.

Il Palio
Where: Siena, Tuscany, Italy
When: July 2 and August 16
The passion and history involved in this medieval horserace has to be seen to be believed. Held twice annually (July and August) at least you’ve got two chances of being part of it. This festival is essentially a horserace in which Siena’s contrade (districts) take to the track for a coveted silk banner, the Palio, held in the central square Il Campo.

San Fermin (Running of the Bulls)
Where: Pamplona, Spain
When: July6-14
Hugely popular this Hemmingway experience of Spain is probably the nation's best known fiesta. The bull running starts on July 6 but continues daily until the 14th. You can run with the bulls, see the bullfights in the ring or simply join in celebrations that seem to go on forever.

Monaco Grand Prix (Grand Prix de Monaco)
Where: Monaco, Republic of Monaco
When: Late May
This Formula One race is possibly the glitziest thanks to its alluring location on the ritzy Cote d'Azur and forms one of the three in the Triple Crown of Motor sport (with Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans). It’s held on the streets of Monaco and is considered one of the most demanding tracks thanks to many tight corners, a tunnel and elevation changes.

Camel Wrestling Championship
Where: Selçuk, Turkey
When: January
This popular sport has more comedy associated with it than the usual gore of animal fights. The bull camels are fed to increase their bulk and they head butt and wrestle each other for mating rights to a young cow. The head butting can be a little bit half hearted until one gives way and the other chases in pursuit. Bedlam then breaks loose and it’s very entertaining to watch spectators scramble away from the hooves of the charging bulls.

Pushkar Camel Fair
Where: Rajasthan, India
When: October-November
This is one of India’s biggest livestock fairs and the world’s largest camel fairs. It's a riot of colours with women in bright, embroidered clothes, herders bargaining for livestock (camels, cows, sheep and goats), the gorgeous textiles and fabrics being sold and the steady beat of music and songs from almost every corner of Pushkar Lake. The highlight of the event is the camel racing with the lofty animals decked out with ribbons.
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