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Eritrea is a very young country located in the Horn of Africa, which is stretching along the Western Shores of the Red Sea from this country's border in the North and East of it with the neighbor country of Sudan to the Djibouti, and the country of Ethiopia in the South of it, making the placing of this country very interesting.

The capital of Eritrea, Asmara, is the largest city or town, situated in the highland plateau at an elevation of approximately 2325 meters above the general sea level, and it is linked by many, not so good roads to the other major cities from this country, such as: Keren, Dekemhare, Massawa, Adi-Keyh, and even Mendefera being now not very far from being a very bustling and increasing overall market. Here, there are also some very big numbers of Churches and even Mosques which can now be visited just for free, such as a marvelous Cathedral built in the Lombardian Style in the year1922, and the largest and most beautiful Mosque, “The Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin”, where the constructors from this African country, used marble from the Italian Carrara quarry.

The very important place, which is now the very beautiful National Avenue, is now the main street of the city, or let's say town, because of its size and shape, and it represents the place for meeting many diverse people and also enjoy all the numerous and glamorous cafes, discos, clubs and bars. On this street there are also many other important buildings such as the National Government Administrative Hall - Centre , the National Asmara Theatre, which was built in the year 1918 by some very skilled architects and construction workers, the old Nda Mariam Catholic Cathedral, also, even the very beautiful and great Town Hall.

Equatorial Guinea Travel

Eritrea starts developing its own tourism, and for this, the government from this African country spends a lot of money in panning and sketching some solutions to these problems and issues; the ecotourism will emerge in the entire area holding a great potential to the country, giving its outstanding natural offerings.

The ideal locations for swimming and sunbathing are on the wide and golden – orange sandy beaches, where you can easily lay on, and in the calm seas, which are along the actual Red Sea Coastline , such as the Gugussum Peninsula , the world known Buri Peninsula , the Zula Bay , the Mersa Gulbub Bay , the Mersa Ibrahim and the very beautiful Ras Kuba . The attractions include scuba diving along the Red Sea Coastline and near the Dahlak Islands , and even cycling is now, one of this country's popular and most - practiced sports, which is practiced with pleasure by the local inhabitants and by the tourists, also. Don't forget that each year, the country of Eritrea hosts the most difficult and toughest race along the big and great Asmara - Keren road line; there are regular meetings, which are now organized by the International Cycling Federation.

The best time to travel in the country of Eritrea depends on what you want to see and visit. Eritrea is the land where one can experience all the four seasons in just three hours - from the rugged mountain peaks of the Embasoira, to the arid desert heat of the Danakil Depression (where there are 100 meters below the general sea level, and which is one of the hottest and warmest places on the whole Earth) to the cool breezes of the Red Sea. For the highlands like the Asmara , Keren, the best season for travelling is between September and February, for the lowlands / coastline areas better is to travel in November till March, and for the Camel Safaris in the lowlands, the best season is between December to February.

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