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Ethiopia has been considered by many to be one of the cradles of humanity. As the second most-populous country, and one of the oldest countries in Africa, Ethiopia has been the site of amazing discoveries into the origin of mankind.

Officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is situated in the “Horn of Africa” and is bordered by Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. Since Ethiopia is landlocked, it has depended on other countries for a large portion of its trade.

Ethiopia sightseeing

Visitors to Ethiopia are amazed by the beauty of the country. It is nearly dissected by large plateaus known as the “Great Rift Valley” which runs from the southwest to the northeast and is surrounded by steppes and a semi-desert region. Here you will find a great number of archaeological sites which yield fossils pointing to the origin of the human species. The traveler to Ethiopia can see a great number of endangered and nearly extinct species including the African Elephant, the Cheetah, the Black Rhinoceros, and the Ethiopian Wolf.

In the northern part of the country are the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. These subterranean churches were built over 800 years ago. Several were literally sculpted out of volcanic rock while others are simply enlargements of existing caves. Several of these churches have connecting tunnels and mazes. Among the things you will see at the churches of Lalibela are intricately carved and designed Arabesque windows, Star of David carvings, and ironically several ancient swastikas.

Ethiopia is also the site of several world heritage sites including the Simien National Park which is the home to quite a few endangered and rare species including the Simein Fox, the Walia Ibex, and the Gelada Baboon. The unusual Walia Ibex is a rare species of goat that lives only in the isolated area of the Simien National Park. While visiting world heritage sites take notice of the fortress-city of Fasil Ghebbi. The fortress was once the home of many Ethiopian emperors particularly from the 16 th and 17 th centuries. One emperor of note was the Ethiopian Emperor Falisades.

Estonia transport

Visitors by air will arrive in the Addis-Ababa International Airport. They can then travel by train or automobile. The cities are congested with traffic so take this into account when planning your destinations.

Estonia climate

There are three distinct climate zones in Ethiopia ranging from very hot in elevations below 4,900 feet to cool in the elevations above 7,900 feet. Temperatures can climb as high as 122 degrees in the warmer regions to as low as 32 degrees in the cool regions. It is dry for large portions of the year but the months of mid-June to mid-September are the wettest times of the year.

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