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Etihad airways is growing at a rate of 40% per year since its inception, it currently carries 4.6 million passengers per year and plans to expand its fleet of 40 aircraft.

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To date this Etihad has had no fatalities or accidents, admittedly due in part to its brief history. Created by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in 2003 as the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways became the first airline to fly a direct flight from the UAE to the cities of Geneva, Brussels, Toronto, and Johannesburg; today, it flies to over fifty destinations without being concentrated in any one region, including an equal amount of cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the US. The quality and luxury of this airlines is such that it should remain in the top ten airlines for many years to come.

The economy class of Etihad Airways, known as the Coral Zone, provides its passengers with individual entertainment systems, 10.5 inch tvs, ergonomically reclining chairs with a seat pitch of up to 33 inches, a mood lighting system, and laptop ports; the cuisine of this airline is primarily Middle Eastern, with some Western cuisine as well as the cuisine or the host city added at times. A sample menu option includes salmon salad , A rabian lamb with two sorts of beans and cinnamon rice, Black Forest cake, and drink; an additional menu option (out of many) includes baby shrimps with zucchini salad, Arabian Lamb Machbous with rice, bread roll, and rich chocolate slice with raspberry coulis.

The business class of this airline, known as the Pearl zone, provides its passengers with all of the above amenities of the Coral Zone, albeit with larger 15 inch tvs, built in massagers into the chairs, and a seat reclining pitch of 88 inches; a few of their many menu options consists of pan fried hammour served in a tarragon sauce with saffron rice and grilled vegetables, Thai beef salad served on sesame glass noodles, beef fillet tenderloin in a pepper sauce, roasted baby potatoes, green beans and garden vegetables, white chocolate mousse cake served in a chocolate sauce, cheese with crackers, and a fruit basket, or, as a pre-landing meal snack, a choice of various mini tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve, fresh fruit , and a choice of three red wines and three white wines.

The first class of this airlines, known as the Diamond Zone, comes with seats that rotate 180 degrees and extend into 6 ft 8 inch flatbeds, along with individual mini-bars, entertainment systems with 23 inch tvs, and a mood lighting system. The menus will consists of Middle Eastern, Western, or the destination city’s cuisine in five star gourmet form. Upon arrival and departure first class passengers will have access to lounges that come equipped with some of the most advanced shower systems technologically available today, gyms and spas, free internet access, and complementary food and beverage. Cracking the list of top ten airlines for the first time, and being the youngest airline on the list for the year of 2008, this airline is poised for spectacular growth as it maintains its luxurious amenities, skilled customer service, and passenger handling for the foreseeable future.


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