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Extreme sports festivals

The Dakar Rally
Where: Varies, traditionally to Dakar but has started in Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon over the years and has even been held in South America
When: January

This incredible off road endurance race features motorbikes, cars and trucks racing through rough terrain such as dunes, rocks, mud and camel grass. Distances covered in each stage can be varied from short distances up to 800-900km. Wherever the event passes, locals come out in their hundreds to watch and the nightly bivouac’s become a kind of mini city.

Land Diving
Where: Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
When: April / May
The precursor to the bungee jump, land diving is possibly far more dangerous. Participants jump headfirst from a high tower 35m from the ground with flexible vines tied to their feet. The goal is to get your shoulders to touch the ground to ensure fertility for the next harvest. The annual custom coincides with the yam harvest.

Badwater Ultramarathon
Where: Death Valley, USA
When: Mid July
This 135mile trek is only for the masochistic. Many consider it to be the most demanding run on the planet. It is held on paved highway at the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere which means it gets very hot. There are also hills to contend with and the ascent up Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States.

White Air
Where: Europe, Various locations
When: Mid September
White Air is Europe’s biggest extreme sports festival featuring skaters, boarders, bikers and 40 “have a go” sports for everyone to try.

X Games
Where: USA (various locations)
When: Winter Games (January or February), Summer Games (August)
Both summer and winter versions of the X Games focus on extreme action sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, freestyle skiing and more. Participants compete to win medals and prize money. New tricks are often displayed and there’s also an X Fest sports and music festival where there’s live music and your chance to get your favourite athlete’s autograph.

Gravity Games H20
Where: Swann River, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
When: December
Presents the best in adrenalin-fuelled sports from jet skiing to skateboarding, paintball tussles, wakeboarding, BMX, In-line, parachute swooping and more.


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