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Ferries on the Baltic Sea

Silja Line Ferries operate several ferries on the Baltic Sea, offering the passengers some of the most spectacular views of the extensive coastline. Several other ferries also offer different trips across the Baltic regions.

As a visitor you can choose between different operators according to the cities you wish to visit. There are a range of activities to be enjoyed in the different countries after a ferry trip. Silja Line Ferries operate vessels between Finland , Estonia and Sweden . These ferries are popular for their flawless designs and excellent customer service. You can take in an extensive route between Tallinn , Stockholm and Riga viewing some of the world's most dramatic coastal regions.

There are 21 ships in the fleet that offer trips to Sweden and Estonia from Finland . The Scandinavian and Baltic cities can be explored in comfort on the ferries. Each Baltic city has its own distinctive flavour and offers visitors the luxuries and comfort of modern Europe . The ferries make an appealing option alongside the luxury cruises offered in the Baltic region.

The ferries are a wonderful option to get from port to port to explore the sights. Visitors can return in the same ferry or even opt for an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel at their destination. If you're looking for a less expensive option to view the Baltic Sea , you will be most satisfied with the ferries. The long narrow ships are distinctive to the sailing route which is narrow.


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