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You'd be amazed at how tropical waters and volcanic mountains produced such an enchanting paradise as Fiji.

The archipelago offers fine beaches and majestic coral reef formations, tropical rainforests, and fantastic weather all year-round to the many travelers that make their way to the islands. Fiji also offers a cuisine so fabulously diverse in the many small Fijian cafes and restaurants about town that you won't even know where to start! Just make sure you don't forget to try the popular kava, an earthy local drink made from pepper. Yes, a grand ol' time in Fiji is in the books for you!

Recently, Fiji has become an interesting destination for many international tourists because of the apparent friendliness of Fijians, and the country is composed of more than 300 beautiful volcanic and coral islands. However, political instability engineered by incessant coups detat have put this South Pacific country's tourism business at risks, as jittery tourists are wary of being caught unaware by a coup while exploring Fiji beautiful sceneries, as this has occurred before.

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If the natural beauty of this nation doesn't satisfy you, Fiji also has some of the best fishing and diving in all of the Pacific islands. The reef at Frigate's Passage, for instance, has some of the most lively underwater life you will ever see. Even on a cloudy day you are sure to see a Spanish mackerel or barracuda swimming by within arm's reach. Fish, troll, snorkel, dive, swim - just get in the water and take in the tropical wonder that thrives beneath you.

The islands of Fiji offer spectacular natural beauty, which includes both mountains and tropical forests. In addition to its natural splendor, the islands boast a rich culture with a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and European traditions. As such, visitors typically enjoy submerging themselves deeply into the language, costumes, food, music, art, dance, architecture, and sports the island nation has to offer.

Fiji Travel

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