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Finland tours and sightseeing


A rather sedate and quiet country in Northern Europe. About two-thirds of it is covered in forests, and there are serene lakes and wonderful coastal towns offering a haven for sailing enthusiasts and anglers.


Finland travel


Helsinki is the country's capital city and offers much to delight the tourist. There are busy market squares with many open air-cafes. Admirers of architecture will find much to please them in the shape of buildings such as the State Cathedral, a mixture of Gothic and Russian styles. There's a fast paced nightlife and the Ice Bar (made up of crystal-clear blocks of ice) has become world famous. Another chilly construction is the Snow Castle in Femi in central Finland. It's built ever year and has an ice restaurant and bar.

Lapland is the country's stunning wilderness and home of Santa Claus and hundreds of thousands of reindeers. It sits on the Arctic Circle, and many people come here to view the Northern Lights. Around Midsummer, the sun doesn't set for several weeks, so it's light for 24 hours a day. Lapland is also a trekker's dream with mountains, rivers and unspoilt countryside.

Lovers of water make a splash in the Lakelands area. It's a region of over 150,00 lakes just waiting to be explored, more than enough for keen sailors and anglers.

Finland is home to 35 national parks with lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Some of the best known are Ekenäs Archipelago in the Helsinki region, Riisitunturi in Lapland and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas on the west coast.


Flight connections from all over the world are excellent. There are good road and rail connections with Norway and Sweden and Baltic ferries run from Sweden, Estonia and Germany to Helsinki and Turku. Travelling around the country is easy, with excellent air, road and rail links.


Winters can be bitterly cold, especially in northern Lapland. Summers are generally warm.

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