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Forbidden City

This site is located in the city of Beijing and inside the palace you can find impressive views of ceremonial halls and royal rooms. The twenty four emperors of the dynasty used the Forbidden City as their centre and this site has seen many political struggles of the past.

The name Forbidden City was given by the locals in past times, because no one without authorization could enter the site. If any unauthorized person was found inside the Forbidden City , they were killed by the emperors. The palace was damaged by climatic conditions, but the government took steps to renovate the affected areas.

The Forbidden City is a mammoth construction, with respect to size and decorations. It measures some 960 meters by 750 meters, the size of which is equal to 20 football grounds. The defensive wall which protected the site in the ancient days was 33 foot tall and extremely thick. A moat surrounds the wall and this moat is very wide. History says that there were 9999 rooms in the Forbidden City . For Chinese people, 9 is the luckiest number.

Inside the Forbidden City, the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest and most famous structure in the entire Forbidden City. During ancient times, several imperial ceremonies were conducted here. The emperor, his family, concubines, and servers were accommodated in the Forbidden City.

You can start your tour from Wumen, which is the main gate of the Forbidden City. From there you will find the golden water bridges. These bridges are constructed of elegant white marble. You really need to spend at least a day to explore the three main halls. Each hall is a huge square building with excellent decorations in the Chinese style.
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