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Gabon is a country in the West Central Africa, which is sharing many big borders with the near - by country of Equatorial Guinea, the Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and also the Gulf of Guinea, and the capital and biggest city of this very exotic country is the largest city or town, called Libreville. Located at approximately the Equator, the climate is an equatorial one, with an extensive system of Equatorial forests and rainforests covering in total approximately 90% of the whole country. Here there are 3 distinct and diverse territories in this country: the Coastline Plains, the Mountains and the big and unearthly Savanna in the Far East.

Gabon travel

Gabon has only three karsts areas or zones, where there are thousands of medium and very big ground caves, which are located in the stony dolomite and in the poor limestone rocks. Many of the mountainous caves include the “Grotte du Lastoursville”, the amazing “Grotte du Lebamba”, the spectacular “Grotte du Bongolo”, and even the famous Grotte du Kessipougou. Many other beautiful caves have not been yet explored, because of the low budget offered by the government of this country for explorations. Gabon is also nowadays noted for the very important and sustained efforts to preserve and protect, and in some places restore, the amazing natural environment as it is, and it was in the past.

A small population, which is less than 2 million distinct persons, abundant natural resources, and foreign private investment, has made Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in the region, and from the entire Africa.

Gabon travel

In the Northern Gabon there are living some specific groups of people, made up of some hunters and even some gatherers, the original and unique Baka Pygmies, together with some diverse Indigenous Ethnic Groups of the Bantu farmers, they are constantly exchanging many goods, and with they have a very important relationship from past times. The Baka people are at their base, some traditional nomadic groups of people, even though they are nowadays following a wide process of sedentary, under the very big influence of some multiple factors, and the first, and some say the most important of these is the important deforestation, which is now depriving the Indigenous Pygmies from their ancestral natural, and also symbolic resources, much important for their own Biological and also Cultural wild - survival.

The traditional music and the old dances are among the most important and essential aspects of the Baka Culture, the traditional music being present almost in all of the Pygmies' life moments, from the healing to the initiation rituals, from the traditional tales to the old group games, from the hunting songs to the entertainment and joy moments.

Gabon has a little to offer for every traveler, who chooses to spend their precious business or vacation time here; from the fine orange sandy beaches, ocean and inland fishing facilities, and archeological sites, like the falls on the Ogooué River, to the exclusivists and exquisite hotels and nightclubs offered by the city of Libreville, spectacular wildlife animals, including elephants, monkeys and even some lonely buffaloes from Igula. Cycling and hiking are the favorite activities in this part of the world, as are many of the sports games. There are two National Parks and four Wildlife Reserves, but hunting is only allowed in some certain areas, except during the months of October and November. Many visitors come to see the hospital founded in 1913 by Albert Schweitzer at Lambaréné, which has now became a very big tourist attraction.

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