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Gallery of Caribbean Art

These tend to put art in the background. Caribbean culture especially its art is very interesting and colorful. The people in the area of Haiti , Cuba , Jamaica , and Barbados are very inclined to art. Caribbean art is a beautiful fusion of European elements and native cultures. It also blends in religious beliefs and traditions. Art works like paintings, oils, and works using mixed media are very diverse yet truly Caribbean.

These counties have produced many excellent contemporary artists and works of art. Many of these art works are stored in the Gallery of Caribbean Art. This eliminates the necessity of having to go from one country to the next to look at the finest works of Caribbean art. Among tourists, visiting an art gallery in the Caribbean might not be a popular choice but it's a good choice! Spend an afternoon in an art gallery and learn more about the Caribbean culture. The Gallery of Caribbean Art is a top art gallery in the world. It has fantastic facilities. Annually, it hosts numerous exhibits and activities. The Gallery of Caribbean Art's exhibits include works from sculptors, artists and photographers. The artists list includes Ariel, Juanjo, R. Alabay, Trevor Alfred, Chris Alleyne, Susan Allyene Ford, and Allan Ashby. This art gallery once exhibited the works of A. Massot and Carlos Raymond.

The Gallery of Caribbean Art is located at the Northern Business Center , Queen Street , Speightstown St. Peter Barbados. The gallery's location in the north of the island makes it reachable to the residents of Port St. Charles, Sandy Lane , Sugar Hill and Royal Westmoreland areas. It is open Mondays to Friday at 9:30 am until 4:30 pm. It opens on 9:30 am and closes at 2:00 pm on Saturdays. During Sunday, it is closed.
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