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Gallery Kaleidoscope

The Gallery is voted as the number one among the Top 100 Galleries in the World. The business was initially an offspring of Scope Antiques but soon took off as a major force in its own right. The policy of the Gallery is simple, "TO FIND NEW TALENT AND DISPLAY IT ALONGSIDE ESTABLISHED NAMES". Both the contemporary and antique arts are represented. Both are offered at the most reasonable prices.

The Gallery which holds at least six exhibitions a year in its major showroom also runs another exhibition area with constantly changing stock. Kaleidoscope has an approachable, informal atmosphere and their private views have become a social must. The emphasis of the gallery is quality. The gallery makes no apologies for their high standards of accepted work. The gallery is an accessible, friendly space in which people are encouraged to browse and enjoy. Gallery Kaleidoscope has gathered the best of International talents with each individual work of art telling its own story. What matters most, is that they bring these creations forward and make them affordable and accessible to anybody wanting the best contemporary art for their home. It showcases original artwork from the highest caliber of emerging, creative talent, as well as more established artists.

Kaleidoscope prides itself on a wide selection of different styles among its large established artists. The Gallery's artistic portrait painters can create the perfect image whether it is a simple pencil sketch or a fine, finished portrait in oils. Gallery Kaleidoscope carries a large, ever shifting stock of engravings, both ancient and modern, by a host of talented printmakers. Kaleidoscope offers a steady stream of 19th & 20th Century Works of art.
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