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Gambia is nowadays, the smallest independent and autonomic country on the Western African Mainland, and it is nowadays bordered in the North, East, and even in the South by the neighbor country of Senegal , and has a very little coastline at the superb Atlantic Ocean in the West of it. Banjul is the capital but the largest population is living in the metropolis or big city of Serekunda . It is almost an enclave of Senegal whose borders generally mirror the meandering beautiful Gambia River.

The climate is a pleasant Tropical, and sometimes, Sub - Tropical climate with some 2 distinct seasons during an entire year. The official language in this country is English, but there are also used Mandinka, Fula, Wollof, Sarahule, Serere, Jola, the Manjango, and the Creole (the term “Aku” being also known now as the Pigeon English, or even the Broken English). Nowadays, the French Language is also taught in some primary, secondary and even in some high schools from this country, and in the staff from the hotels, restaurants, discos and in the excursion agencies you will be surprised to see that here there are spoken other European Languages like the German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Belgian and even the very Scandinavian - Nordic Languages.

Gambia Travel

The national and international tourism industry, which is known today in the country of Gambia, started when a group of 350 Swedish and Scandinavian tourists have arrived here in the year of 1966; this first trip was organized by a Swedish called Bertil Harding with a tour operator called Vingresor. Gambia was seen, at that specific moment, as the best place to escape the cold winter months from Scandinavia , where the North Europeans would not enjoy only the powerful sun, the golden – orange sand and the golden - orange beaches but also the amazing experience and the euphoria of a real and incredible African vacation. Also, now the prices to make a holiday in this country are cheaper, so making a holiday here is more affordable for the Europeans. The overall number of foreign tourists has continued to grow very big throughout the all past century, and as the national government is now concerned to vary the national economy, they recognized the Tourism Industry as an important foreign source of new and fast revenue and assets. But, although the growing popularity as a medium and high tourist destination, the works on the infrastructure were slow.

The River Gambia has from old times attracted virtually many and diverse visitors to its wonderful estuary, and own marvelous waterways, and it is still, the home for a very rich diversity of unique birds, original fish and even mammals, being the place to explore and even to discover the whole African Wild - Nature. In the waters of the old Gambia River , there is carried a rich and diverse variety of fish. There are nowadays more than 580 different and diverse species of beautiful birds in the country of Gambia , living actually within some six protected zones or areas, which are containing more than 42,000 full hectares nation - wide. The National Parks, such as the Kiang West National Park has very dry woodland flora, with many areas containing mangrove and some muddy flats, and the Niumi National Park has some dry, non – humid woodland, some sandy dunes, mangroves, salty marches and also lagoons. There are many other natural reserves like: the Bijilo Forest Park - this park is very popular now for its birds and wild - monkeys, the Tanji River Bird Reserves, with more than 612 hectares, includes dunes, many lagoons, little mangroves, dry, not very humid woodland and it is very popular between the foreign tourists for the rich diversity of birds, or the Abuko Nature Reserve - the reserve protects a large tract of gallery forests, and it is particularly noted for the rare and beautiful birds and astonishing monkey populations.

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