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Geirangerfjord is recognised as one of the best of the Norwegian Fjords and is one of Norway's top tourist destinations. It is an area of stunning beauty which also includes a number of significant waterfalls. This beauty has been noted by several organisations - Geirangerfjord along with another Norwegian fjord called Nærøyfjord were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005.


In addition, National Geographic Magazine rated the fjords of Western Norway , including Geirangerfjord, as the world's top natural heritage site.

Fjords are created by glacial activity and are typically narrow with steep sides. Many fjords are also extremely deep. Geirangerfjord is a smaller branch of the much larger Storfjord (Great Fjord), but even so, Geirangerfjord is over 9 miles (15km) long. The most significant waterfalls are the Seven Sisters and the Suitor. The Seven Sisters consists of seven waterfalls all next to each other whilst the Suitor, which is on the opposite side of the fjord is called this because legend has it that this waterfall is trying to woo the sisters! Another famous waterfall here is the Bridal Veil, which is so called because when the light catches it in a certain way the water appears veil-like.

The best way to see Geirangerfjord is obviously from the water. There are several companies who offer boat tours, though there is also the public ferry which ha a commentary in English, German and Norwegian and is said to be equally as good as the private tour boats, and cheaper!

Visitors who prefer to make their own way can rent a kayak. This is a wonderful way to see the fjord up close and personal and can really put you in touch with the nature and scenic beauty all around.

Geirangerfjord and the other fjords of Western Norway can be accessed from several cities if you're coming in to Norway by air. Bergen is considered to be the gateway to the fjords and makes a good starting point for a visit. There are several ferry companies who operate sailings to the towns north of Bergen , and these make an excellent way to get around.

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