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Gorgeous coastlines, great mountains and a wealth of ancient traditions are waiting for you. Georgia sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is bordered by four countries: Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Tbilisi is the country's capital and sits at the foot of the Trialeti mountain range, in eastern Georgia. There's a huge choice of museums, monuments, restaurants and cafes to keep the busy tourist occupied. Other big draws in the city are the Tbilisi Lake where many Georgians like to take a dip, the large market and the sulphur baths. A truly mesmerising experience is a visit to Vardzia, the cave city. Located in southern Georgia, it was built into the side of the rocks of Mt Erusheti in the 12 th century. It started life as a military base and ended up becoming a monastery. Another popular religious destination is the Gelati monastery in western Georgia. It houses many manuscripts from as far back as the 12 th century.

For those who are full of the mountain spirit, the Georgian Caucasus surely beckons. The Kazbegi region is the gateway to them and you'll find many popular treks on offer. One of the most popular is the 10km trail from the village of Gergeti that takes you to the Gergeti glacier. It's over 7 kilometres long and a feast for the eyes. The old roman fortress at Gonio is an interesting place to spend some time. The outer walls date from the 1 st century AD, and it's said that the tomb of St.Matthias, one of Christ's apostles, is located here.


Georgia Travel



The country has a number of airports, but Tbilisi is the main one, with several European and international connections. There are several entry points by road and three large ferry ports on the Black Sea coast. Internally there are domestic flights between Tbilisi's Central Airport and Kutaisi, Butami and Senaki. Roads are generally not in a good condition, but there are rail connections, although services are infrequent to some places.


Georgia's climate tends to be warm and moderate with a Mediterranean feel on the Black Sea coast.

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