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Germany whose official name is Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe and is bordered by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea to its north; by Austria and Switzerland to its south; by Poland and the Czech Republic to its east and by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to its west.

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For the tourist Germany has many possibilities. There are many vibrant and modern cities, such as the capital Berlin, which has everything you expect from the capital city of a major world power. There are many monuments, museums, sights and attractions. Amongst the most popular are the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Zoo and aquarium, and the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery. Berlin hotels offer great services and affordable rates.

The Berlin Wall, for so long a symbol of the Cold War, is no more, but there are several memorial sites dedicated to the memory of victims who died trying to cross the wall. Some of the main ones are the Berlin Wall Memorial, the memorial for Günter Litfin, the ‘Parlament der Bäume' (Parliament of Trees), the Wall memorial at the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus. Checkpoint Charlie is the historic checkpoint border crossing between eastern and western Berlin. Today this is a fascinating museum exhibiting the history of the Berlin Wall.

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For some incredible outdoor scenery, explore the Black Forest region, one of the country's most popular tourist hotspots. There are more than 20 towns and cities in the region and various nature trails between them. The city of Baden-Baden which is also famous for its bathhouses is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Black Forest. The Black Forest is famous throughout the world for its beautiful forest and waterfalls and is favored by hikers, skiers and spa lovers, alike.

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