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Golden Gate Bridge

This renowned suspension bridge spans the San Francisco Bay. At its completion in 1937, this was the world's longest suspension bridge and is an instantly recognizable symbol of both San Francisco and California. The bridge got its start when a proposal was made by a builder named Joseph Strauss, answering a query in the 'San Francisco Bulletin'; hence, what we know today as the Golden Gate Bridge came to be.

Golden Gate

Several engineers worked on the bridge, including Ellis and Morrow, to name just two involved in the bridge construction. This architectural endeavour was financed by the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District; the construction beginning in 1933 and finishing in 1937. Opening ceremonies lasted for over a week once the bridge was completed and it remained the longest of the suspension bridge until 1964. The bridge is part of US Route 101 and California Route 1. The paint on the bridge is what sets this bridge apart. The official color is International Orange, which gives the bridge the golden colouring. It is considered to be one of the great architectural landmarks in the United States and believed to be the most photographed bridge in the world.

Getting to this landmark is easy once the visitor arrives in San Francisco. It is easy to take a car or bus to the famous landmark. There are also bike lanes and pedestrian walkways on the eastern side of the bridge during weekdays and the west side in the afternoons, weekends and holidays. If driving from out of state, you can reach the Golden Gate Bridge via US Route 101 and California Route 1.

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