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Great Wall

The Great Wall stretches for some 4000 miles across Northern China. This construction is considered one of the most beautiful and photogenic manmade constructions on earth.

Great Wall China

During the ancient days, the great wall was built to hold out marauding and dangerous nomadic armies from the north. Fearing invasion, the wall was constructed to prevent an attack. During battles, signals to the army were sent easily from the watch towers of the construction. The roadway on the rugged terrain facilitated easy movement for the army. Interestingly, no master plan was built to construct the Great Wall of China. Regional kings added to the construction to cater to their own military needs. The Qin dynasty played a major role in integrating the wall to make it a collective entity.

When the wall was constructed, millions of people were put to work and several thousands of them died in the process. The weather posed great damage to the wall, though many sections are impressively strong. Archeologists believe that several parts of the wall are still to be excavated.

The Great Wall of China is a collection of several wall sections and touring one section of the wall is a must on your tour to China. To view the wall in the natural state, you can go to Simatai in the north east of Beijing . It is virtually impossible to tour the entire wall length, irrespective of the number of days you spend in China. It is better instead to view appropriate sections, such as the Great Wall of China in different perspectives from the eight major great wall sites in Beijing.

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