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In Greece hotels come in all shapes and sizes and one of the most popular options, particularly on the Greek islands is the studio. These are self-catering units which are ideal for couples and small families, but are usually centred around other facilities such as a swimming pool, bar and restaurant. This type of holiday accommodation varies in size from around 6 units to complexes of 100 or more.

Traditional hotels are also widely available and in most of these, the staff will have at least a little knowledge of English. Greek people are very warm and will often go out of their way to help their guests. Some of the larger hotels in the larger resorts may have currency exchange facilities but most of the smaller hotels will not. Having cash is essential in some Greek destinations as while the hotel may take a credit card for payment, the local shops and bars may not.

Those who prefer an all-inclusive package will find this available in Greece hotels, particularly those in the tourist hot spots. Family-friendly facilities can be found in most places and there are plenty of luxury hotels as well as budget accommodation. It should be noted that some tourist destinations are only open for the summer season and those who want to travel outside of this time period will need to plan carefully to ensure that accommodation is available for them.

Tipping in Greece hotels is welcomed. It is often the case that the staff earns poor wages and if they provide good service then a tip is deserved. For carrying bags the tip is just a euro or two and the same applies to the maid who cleans the room. In some remote locations where foreign tourists rarely visit a tip may not be expected. Greeks do not expect other Greeks to leave a tip.

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