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Grenada is an island nation including the islands of the southern Grenadines situated in the Caribbean Sea. The country is located just north of Tobago and Trinidad, as well as the nation of Venezuela. Grenada has a national bird, the Grenada Dove which is critically endangered.

Grenada is commonly known as “The Spice Isle” owing to its abundance of locally grown spices, Grenada has vibrant culture of music, singing, dance, and food that conjure images of the "spice of life." Grenada is well-known destination for tourists while at the same time being one of the smallest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Lying to the Northeast of Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea is the island of Grenada a nation with a land mass of 344 Square kilometers and a population of 89,703 people. Being a major producer of spices, Grenada has come to known as the ‘Spice Isle' especially for it's over abundance of nutmeg.

Grenada is a nation on an island, which includes the one and only Southern Grenadines in the South - Eastern Caribbean Sea . This Island is nowadays located in the North of the country of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela , and South of the Saint Vincent and the actual Grenadines . It is formed from three other distinct and diverse islands named Grenada , Carriacou and even the Petite Martinique. World - known as “The Spice of the Caribbean” because of the abundance of the locally or nationally grown spices and the old and stable culture of the music, dance and even food built into the own image of the spices needed in order to have a beautiful life, Grenada is also a well - known tourist destination for many western tourists. The newly come visitors will be enticed by the sweet scents of the nutmeg, tasty cinnamon, flavored ginger and even vanilla wafting on the balmy breeze, because there are many more exotic spices in the whole Grenada per one square mile than anywhere else on the whole planet Earth. The nutmeg is one of the most abundant exotic spices, and Grenada produces more than a fourth of the world's supply for this very exotic and rare spice. Also, we must not forget that this country is one of the smallest independent nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Grenada Travel

Average temperatures are ranging here from 26ºC to 32ºC, tempered only by the steady and also cooling winds, and the lowest and coolest temperatures are occurring between the month of November and the month of February. The general climate only changes here according to the altitude, where you live. The driest and less – humid season is nowadays between the months of January and May and in the rainy and humid season, from the month of June till December; here, it rarely, or just sometimes, rains for more than a full hour at one time, and it generally not rains each and every day, which is a very good info for the foreign tourists.

The nation's citizens are basically of African, Eastern - Indian and even Caucasian - European genealogy, with the greatest portion of the entire population, approximately 80%, of an African descent. The official language in the country of Grenada is the English Language.

Here you will find activities, in order to suit all existing budgets and any activity levels for the kind of options such as: the adventurous people – some scuba diving, some awesome kayaking, adventurous biking and even some river tubing; nature appreciates and even lovers - rainforests, Tropical and Sub - Tropical forests, amazing waterfalls and some superb tropical gardens; and historical maniacs – old forts and also plantations, all finishing with the amazing for some people, The Spice Estate and The Rum Only Distillery Tours . There are spectacular sunny golden beaches and pristine waters, island's tropical landscape and many cruise ship visits. For those looking to experience the true essence and character of the amazing country of Grenada , the sightseeing and the historical and archeological sites abound as well as the unique and original shops and outstanding cuisine.

From the best luxury hotels and the astonishing all - inclusive resorts, to the little inviting guest - houses, the beautiful exotic country of Grenada offers options which will, for sure, suit each and every person's lifestyle. Grenada is a major tourist destination from Unites States and British based tourists who come to enjoy the sub tropical climate producing consistent 30C temperatures as opposed to their harsh winter periods. Grenada is made up of three islands known as the Grenadines . The islands comprise of Grenada , Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, Grenada has been ruled by both the French and British although it is now a Commonwealth country.

Grenada immigration rules require that any citizen from a country other than the United States, Britain or a country of the Commonwealth are required to obtain a visa prior to entering the country. The visa can be obtained for $25 Eastern Caribbean dollars. Other than this all visitors to the country are required to be in possession of a passport and a return ticket to their home country.

Most visitors to Grenada arrive by airplane through the Point Salines International Airport which is located 6.4 kilometers from the capital, St. George. Between October and May many visitors arrive by cruise ships which operate tours throughout the Caribbean Sea . Tourists wishing to get around Grenada often do so on foot although many use the available taxi's and mini buses which only charge around $30EC from the major hotels to dining establishments. Although English is the official language spoken in Grenada many tourists have trouble understanding the rich Grenadian accent which is sometimes confused for a French language.

As a large producer of Caribbean Rum many tourists sample to local rum and as the local rum offers a sweet fruity taste many tourists are known to succumb to the intoxicating 75% alcohol level. The potency of the rum prevents tourists bringing it back into their home countries. As Grenada is known as the ‘Spice Isle' there are many fine food opportunities available when you visit. Some of the best dining experiences found in Grenada are found at: Aquarium Restaurant and Bar which provides a beach front dining experience with a fine selection of local seafood and cultural dishes. Bananas Restaurant which has a menu to cater for all budgets and also allows the more energetic of patrons to dance the night away in their banana themed disco each night. The Red Crab located in Lance Aux Epines which provides a selection of local seafood and steaks mixed in a traditional blend of local spices.

Grenada Chocolate Factory which produces a rich dark organic chocolate made by solar powerered appliances. The factory offers daily tours and allows visitors to sample to chocolates throughout the tours. As a country with significant commercial activities the population is considered to be conservative and formal the crime rate is relatively low on the island and it is considered to be one of the safest travel destinations for travelers.


The southwest of the island, around St. Georges, Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines, and Point Salines are the most popular tourist destinations. Grenada boasts many scenic and idyllic beaches on its coastlines including the Grand Anse Beach in St. Georges, considered by many to be one of the finest beaches in the world, Levera Beach, Bathway Beach and Black Bay Beach, a secluded black beach close to the Concord Waterfalls.

Grenada also possesses the Grand Etang Nature Reserve which is one of the most popular areas in Grenada for hiking and trekking. The rainforest surrounding the reserve, high in the mountains of the nation's interior has varied elevations and terrains and maintain different ecological systems, which all peak out in the elfin woodlands high up the slopes of the reserves central mountains.

Grenada also boasts several lovely waterfalls such as the Concord Waterfalls, the Annandale Waterfall, Mt. Carmel Waterfall, and the Seven Sisters Waterfall which is seven waterfalls near the Grand Etang Nature Reserve.

Tourists also enjoy visiting the River Antoine Rum Distillery. The Rum Distillery is the oldest rum factory anywhere in the Western Hemisphere that is still operating with a water wheel, as well as the Gouyave Nutmeg Factory; another must do in the spice island of Grenada.


The main airport of Grenada on its main island is the Point Salines International Airport. The airport is located approximately four miles from the capital of St. Georges. Several international airlines operate in Grenada, including Air Canada, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic. Several smaller airlines provide connections from Liat in Trinidad and Barbados.

Additionally, many cruise lines dock in St. Georges between October and May, and a new cruise ship terminal has been added in St. Georges which allows for up to four large cruise ships to be docked at one time. The terminal houses many shops, most of which are typical for Caribbean cruises, and a few which are unique only to Grenada. Private moorings for yachts are also available all around the island.


Grenada has average temperatures ranging from 24C/75F to 30C/87F, which is moderated by the cool trade winds. Between January and April, the lowest temperatures occur, while the rainy season between June and December causes rains for more than an hour and not generally falling daily. The driest season occurs between January and May.

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