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Guadeloupe is a tropical island which is an Overseas Department of France. The island is typically volcanic which is also home to the active volcano La Soufriere. The island has a population of 420,943 people all of who are employed in the tourism and agricultural industries. The island enjoys modest wealth and is reliant upon financial aid from the French government to supplement the national economy.

The climate in Guadeloupe is warm throughout the year with high humidity. Average daily temperatures range between 28 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius and the island enjoys a relatively small Hurricane season in September. The island is known to escape most hurricane activity however the island urges caution for people who do visit during September.

Most visitors to the island arrive by air through the Guadeloupe Pole Caraibes Airport which is located at Pointe-a-Pitre. Direct flights to the island originate out of France although Air France also travels direct from Miami. Other airlines also travel to the island but through connecting flights from Puerto Rico and Martinique.

Guadeloupe Travel

There are two main travel options for visitors to the island- Hire Care and Public Buses. Many visitors prefer to hire a vehicle and travel throughout the island themselves as the bus system on the island, although it is reliable, can cause concern for visitors who do not speak French. As a French island the official language on the island is French and many of the islands inhabitants speak poor English. The bus system also allows visitors to immerse themselves in the French culture of the island.

Accommodation in Guadeloupe is comprised of Hotels and Resorts. There are more than 11,500 rooms available throughout the island which ensures visitors of all budgets are able to find accommodation which will meet their needs.

Guadeloupe is known to house one of the largest arrays of dining experiences all based on international cuisine influences. As the island has a French cultural history many restaurants however specialise in providing traditional French Creole meals.

Guadeloupe has a number of attractions for visitors including Casino's, natural historical precincts and also natural habitats for the eco tourists. Most beaches on the island are open to the public however some are privately owned and people are prevented from accessing these beaches. The beach atmosphere on the island is typical of most Caribbean Islands and many visitors come purely to relax on the beaches although people are reminded that facilities such as toilets and change rooms are limited.

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