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Guam is the biggest and most dynamic Island in the south of the Marianas Islands. Its history has been largely influenced by the Japanese invasion, Spanish occupation, and later, American occupation. The United States currently has a big base in Guam with which she overseas all American activities in the South Pacific. The presence of this base has contributed to the rapid development and modernization visible in Guam today.

There are some interesting historical buildings in the capital, Hagatna; these buildings tell the stories of how invasions and military occupations have shaped Guam 's architecture, image and history. There are also some relics of the past traditional eras, for example, Chamorro Era.

For nature lovers, Guam 's three botanical gardens are important sites visitors should not miss. They are the Nano Fall Botanical Gardens situated in Agat; the Pineapple Plantation located in Yigo and the Inarajan Shore Botanical Gardens.

Guam has a well-organized fishing and diving industries that attend to countless swimmers, scuba divers and fishers that visit the island.

Guam travel

There are some beautiful parks in Guam: prominent among them are Latte Parks below Kasamata Hill; Ipao Beach Park , situated in Chamorro communities; Merizo Pier Park and Talofofo Bay Beach Park around Talofofo River.

World War11 also left behind some relics, wrecks in Guam . And visitors could learn more about the activities of World War 11 by visiting War in the Pacific National Historical Park and a landmark in Yigo named The South Pacific Memorial Park.

The presence of American base brings a new culture of entertainment into Guam: there are nightclubs, dances, pubs and restaurants that display menus of both local dishes and foreign ones. The people of Guam could communicate in English, and they are traditionally hospitable.

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