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Guatemala is a country in the Central American Continent, bordered by Mexico in the North and in the West, the Pacific Ocean in the South - West, Belize and the Caribbean Sea in the North - East, and the beautiful Honduras and wonderful El Salvador in the South - East. Guatemala is in a largely part mountainous, except for the South Coastline areas and for the vast Northern lowlands of the Petén department. All the major cities and towns are located in the highlands and Pacific Ocean 's Coastline Regions; by comparison, the Petén department is sparsely populated.

The climate varies very much here, and usually it provides a dramatic contrast between the hot and the humid Tropical and Sub- Tropical lowlands and colder and even drier highland peaks. The Volcán Tajumulco is the highest mountainous point in the Central American States. The Rivers are short and very shallow in the Pacific Ocean's drainage basin and larger and deeper in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico drainage basins. The dry season, which extends from November to April, is the most pleasant time and also weather - wise, to be in the shinny country of Guatemala . Along with the summer holidays, however, it's also the busiest. The wet season, which is usually from May to October and until November or December, in the North and the East may restrict some very interesting or important activities and make some roads very difficult to travel on.

Guatemala Travel

The majority of the population is Métis (mixed Amerindian and Spanish), and Whites (primarily because of the Spanish, but also after some period of time, because of the German, English, Italian, and Scandinavian colonists). There are smaller human communities present of Amerindians in the present Guatemala , nowadays. The Garífuna, who are descended from the fist African slaves, live mainly in Livingston and Puerto Barrios areas, with other blacks and mulattos. There are also a lot of Arabs of Lebanese and even Syrian descent, and even Asians, mostly of Chinese descent. There is also a fast growing Korean (South – Korean) community in Guatemala City and in nearby of the Mixco area. Guatemala 's German population is credited with bringing the tradition of a Christmas tree to this very exotic and non - conformist country.

Usually, travelers are nowadays returning to the country of Guatemala because this country offers the original and unique “Central America” in its concentrated form, shape and even size: its main volcanoes are the highest and the most active ones, its own ancient Mayan ruins, the most amazing from the whole area, and also this country's earthquakes, the most devastating and its own old history, the most intense from the near – by zones and areas.

Guatemala represents the Mayan soul of the whole Central America , though the National Government Authority has been torturing the Mayan inhabitants – indigenous people. The best part is that the old indigenous culture, with the own traditions, survives in the much ancient ruins of the Tikal , in the old rituals from the Chichicastenango and in the original colors of the Mayan traditional dress.

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