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Guinea-Bissau Travel

Guinea-Bissau is a former colony of the country of Portugal which is bordered by the countries of Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east. The post-independence history of Guinea-Bissau has been checkered with a civil war in 1998 and the imposition of a military junta in 1999 which replaced the multi-party system installed at that time.

While the economy of Guinea-Bissau remains fragile, things are turning around for the country and the country remains relatively safe for tourists. The country of Guinea-Bissau is divided into the regions of Bafata, Biombo, Bissau, Bolama-Bijagos, Cacheu, Gabu, and Oio. Bissau is the only region of the country that is autonomous.


Guinea-Bissau is full of fascinating tourist locations, including the former slave-trading town of Cacheu, where a small fort from the slave-trading era still exists. One of Guinea-Bissau's most popular locations is the Bijagos Islands. These islands are a tropical archipelago scattered with numerous atolls and small islands. On the island of Orango tourists may be able to see roaming wild Hippopotamus and other wild animals including the often delicate turtle nesting grounds.

Guinea-Bissau Travel

The islands are unspoiled with an imprint of a human touch, although they are dotted here and there with French-owned fishing lodges. If you are more adventurous you can take the 5okm bumpy road to São Domingos to the very small, but beautiful, town of Varela. With a spectacular Italian-owned hotel, beaches, and breathtaking pine forests it is well worth the visit. Another popular destination is the breathtaking Saltinho Waterfall. This waterfall, a pleasant vista popular with tourists, is located just under the bridge along the main road from southern Guinea-Bissau and where it crosses the Rio Corubal. The waterfall location also has a famous hotel called the “Pousada do Saltinho”, which overlooks the falls.


Because Guinea-Bissau is a very small country, traveler's choices for air flight are extremely limited. A direct flight from Portugal is scheduled every Friday, with the return flight on the same day and a daily Air Senegal flight out of Dakar Senegal. There are no other direct flights into or out of Guinea-Bissau.


Guinea-Bissau has a warm year round climate with very little temperature fluctuations. The country experiences a rainy season between the months of June and September and sometimes running into October. With an average rainfall of 2024 mm per year, Guinea-Bissau's rainy season is harsh and a lot of sporadic flooding can occur. Between the months of December and April, the country experiences a drought.

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