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Guinea is a beautiful country in the West Africa, formerly officially known as the French Guinea. The Guinea's whole territory has a very curved shape, with the base at the clear Atlantic Ocean, which is inland to the East, and turning South, now borders with the country of Guinea - Bissau and with Senegal in the far North, and Mali in the North and North - East; the main inland part of this country borders with the African country of Côte d'Ivoire in the South - East, Liberia in the South, and with Sierra Leone in the West of the Southern tip. Its water sources include the very powerful Niger , the mighty Senegal , and even the Gambia rivers.


Guinea travel

Conakry is nowadays, the capital of this very exotic country, the actual seat of the National Government Authority and the largest city from this African country. It is located in the big and important island called Tumbo and now it is highly noted for its very diverse and rich botanical gardens. Other interesting points are the local Cathedral, which was built in the 1920s - 1930s and now located almost in the center of the city or town, the National Museum, with a great collection of masks, statues and even musical instruments, and the Palais du Peuple, a marvelous European Palace . The Auto route is all the time plenty of restaurants, bars and even discos.

The Fouta Djalon, world - renown as the holy land of the water, exotic fruits, faith, and for most of all, freedom for all, highlands are also world - renowned because of their unique hills, which are offering some amazing views and are also the place for the hiking enthusiasts. Another town or little city with very good utilities and also facilities is the city of Mamou, with some excellent and original street food.

Guinea travel

At the East of the country there are many historical little cities and towns, which are full of echoes and even reminiscence of the old, medieval empires and following the beautiful Nimba Range , you will see if you come here, some very few groups of some almost round houses, which are nestled in the traditional, old African villages.

There are nowadays not even one National Park in the whole African country of Guinea, but the wildlife can now be very good seen at the far North - East Savannahs between and in the mighty Tinkisso River, also the big Mali border, at the so near – by base of the high Fouta Djalon plateau, and also in the South - East. For shopping, it is better to go in the Faranah where there are many varied or diverse markets, cafes and even some very fine restaurants. The near – by river Niger flows from Foroknia North to Bamako . The very good beaches are also easy to be found at the Île de Roume and Île de Kassa , the last of them being accessible via the public boat service company, owned by the Guinea country. The city of Katikan is very interesting and unique for its open air markets; here, there are also the Great Mosque and the Presidential Palace .The Kindia , which is renowned for its quality of cloth and weaving remains till now an indigo dyeing centre and a cloth market centre.


Guinea travel

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