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Cherry Blossoms
Where: Japan
When: March and April
Most visitors to Japan should try to time their visit for the gorgeous cherry blossom season. It occurs annually in March and April and during that time family and friends gather for picnics beneath the trees to appreciate their beauty. It’s also a time when tea ceremonies, traditional music and dance takes place. The blossoms are often illuminated at night.

Gawai Festival
Where: Sarawak, Malaysia
When: 1 June
This religious and social occasion is a day on which ethnic groups of Sarawak visit their friends and relatives. Usually rice wine is brewed and varying delicacies are prepared such as rice cakes and glutinous rice. The walls of rooms are decorated with blankets and people clean graveyards and make offerings to the dead. A meal is usually held on May 31 and activities over the following day can include cock-fighting and blowpipe competitions.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest
Where: Eau Claire, Michigan, USA
When: July
This contest heralds the start of the cherry harvest in Michigan and what better way to do it then a good old fashioned spit. In Michigan they’ve been spitting cherries since 1974 and the Guiness Book of World Records even recognizes it as an official competition. Join in with the spit or simply eat and enjoy cherry products.

Humungus Fungus Festival
Where: Crystal Falls, Michigan, USA
When: August
The Humungus Fungus is a 30 acre fungus estimated to weigh 100 tons and believed to be the world’s oldest living organism. The city of Crystal Falls adopted it as a tourist attraction and the festival was born. So for three days in August tourists and locals celebrate the fungus with a variety of activities. There’s a tube float down the river, pancake breakfasts, softball games, fireworks and a parade.

Mid Autumn Festival
Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
When: Mid September – Mid October
Also known as the Mooncake Festival, this is a celebration of the full moon and changing seasons that occurs in Mid Autumn. It’s a time when families and friends gather to do some moon watching and eat thick-crusted pastry filled with lotus seed paste or yolks called Moon Cakes. There is also a folk tale about how the Mongols were overthrown in China by a secret plot concealed inside Moon Cakes. The Mongols were defeated on the night of the Lantern or Mid-Autumn Festival and today Chinese communities around the world still celebrate with the cakes.
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