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Ways to Avoid getting Sick while Traveling

Are you looking for ways to avoid getting sick while traveling? Disease seems unavoidable, especially considering that no one is immune to viral infections even in his or her homeland. Nevertheless, it does seem to be an odd coincidence that many tourists come home sick from an otherwise enjoyable vacation. Why? In many cases, it's due to simple carelessness. Take steps to protect yourself from "traveling viruses." Here are a few tips.

Wash Your Hands

It's easy to take mommy's oldest lesson for granted, especially at home. However, this is a risk that you cannot afford to take when you travel overseas. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself to wash your hands, from writing notes on your hand after the latest washing to announcing a group policy among friends. ("Nobody eats until every hand is washed!") Try to wash and rinse your hands for several moments and use plenty of soap.



Don't Drink The Water

This applies everywhere from certain countries who can't afford clean water to even airlines who get all of their water (and tea and coffee) from an aircraft tank. Bring plenty of bottled water and beware of all sources of water contamination in restaurants, such as ice cubs.

Research What Food Is Worth Eating

Not to spread around horrific legends, but the facts show that some tourists have actually died from ingesting strange foreign foods. If your instinct tells you that a certain dish is not safe (or better yet, a website explaining common cuisine and potentially dangerous cuisine) then you're better off ordering something a bit less exotic. Try to do your research in advance, not relying on the advice of strangers when it comes to your health.

Sleep and Relax

Don't get so wound up over partying that you drink yourself silly and get one hour of sleep a day. Medical research shows that a lack of sleep can make a person more susceptible to serious illness, not to mention borderline psychotic after an extended period of time. Plan to sleep, regardless of whether you're planning to sample Las Vegas' nightlife or even Alaska's 24-hour sunlight days.

Don't Rely on the Hotel Staff.

Do not place any special trust in the hotel staff. You should call the police if there are any disturbances outside the room. You should call medics if you are feeling seriously ill. Also, do not underestimate the amount of foreign germs in a typical hotel room. It may pay off to use your own materials (bedding, clothing, coolers, etc.) and to sanitize the room as best you can, rather than depend on the staff to make your vacation virus-free.

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