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Hiking the Julian Alps

The rugged Julian Alps in Slovenia is a great destination for mountain hiking. Just like Swiss and French Alps, the Slovenian Alps are a dominating and fascinating range of European mountains. Best of all, you'll find only a few hikers there, even during high season times. The less crowded Alps make Slovenia a good hiking destination, with dramatic scenery that is tranquil and breathtaking. The Slovenian Alps stand 9000ft above sea level. The off-the-beaten-track location makes the Alps a definite must-see experience for the avid hiker.

To begin your very own hiking trip, start out from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. You can then tour the Lake Bohinj, the largest lake in Slovenia. This beautiful lake is located in the Triglav National Park, which is ringed by the snowy peaks of the Julian Alps. If you are looking for an exciting trekking experience, then you can hike up the narrow canyon Mostnica Gorge and view a fascinating formation of rocks shaped like an elephant's head. If you wish to undertake some more rigorous trekking seeing more of the stunning Julian Alps, then take a trip to the Mt. Vogel Ski area and hike towards Mt. Rodica. From there you can take cable cars and ski lifts that will you to the peaks of Mt. Vogel.

Mt. Krn is yet another spectacular peak that rises 7365ft above the sea level. When you hike to the top of the peak, you will have amazing views of Gulf of Trieste and the Austrian Alps. Take a few days and spend the time trekking the Julian Alps and explore the wilderness of the mountains. You will find mountain huts along the trekking paths from which you can get refreshments. From the end of Bohinj Lake, you can hike towards Mt. Bogatin on the western side. The hiking terrain is filled with dense forest, open meadows and rocks; there are a wide range of natural wonders and physical challenges in a trek of the Julian Alps that you will be keen to share with your friends.

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