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There are few cities in the world that can claim to captivate the senses of its visitors the way Hong Kong does. It brings out the child in everyone with the fun and laughter to be had in its popular theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park. It tickles the fancy of many a gourmet with the best Chinese dishes and authentic dim sum offered by the thousands of Hong Kong restaurants scattered throughout the city. It awakens the sense of adventure in many a traveler with its beautiful beaches and natural campgrounds. It delights spendthrifts with the legendary shopping it offers – world-class goods galore with prices so affordable that it's almost unbelievable. If you travel with a budget, search the internet for cheap travel deals.

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All these delights, however, pale in comparison to what is undoubtedly Hong Kong's most captivating feature - its lights. Take it all in atop The Peak, or be mesmerized as you sail through Victoria Harbour. Better yet, take a walk on Kowloon's Avenue of the Stars and watch the nightly light show brought to you by the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island across the channel. Your captivation will know no limits.

Hong Kong travel

Indeed, Hong Kong is more than just a city; it's an experience that you'll never forget.

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Administrative Region, is located on China's south coast bordering the South China Sea in the east, west and south. It is one of the two administrative regions of the People's Republic of China . Hong Kong was a dependent territory of the United Kingdom from 1842 until 1997. The Sino-British Joint Declaration stipulates that Hong Kong should operate with a high degree of autonomy until 2047. China is responsible for Hong Kong's national defence and foreign affairs but Hong Kong retains its own police force, monetary system, customs policy and immigration policy.

Hong Kong is a leading financial center with its capital economy that is largely based on service industries. Like many Asian countries, its national economy took a temporary nosedive during the Asian Financial Crisis amid the SARS outbreak in 2003. However the following year saw a strong economic recovery with consumer price inflation close to zero.

The population is primarily Chinese however Hong Kong is influenced by both eastern and western cultures. It is renowned for its cuisine, music and cinema. Much of Hong Kong remains undeveloped due to its hilly to mountainous slopes. Its land is remarkably green and gorgeous, and about 40% of this country is reserved as conservation and natural reserve areas. Hong Kong is intensely urbanized although efforts are continually made to “go green” in terms of ecological awareness.

Hong Kong travel

A major tourist attraction is Victoria Harbour , located between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula . Its climate is quite unpredictable with frequent rainfall and tropical cyclones that sometimes result in flooding or landslides. Spring and autumn tend to be Hong Kong 's most enjoyable seasons, which are usually sunny and dry.

Hong Kong's culture is strongly influenced by the Western World with the presence of Catholic Churches, Hollywood film cinemas which is not surprising since movie stars Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee both hail from Hong Kong . There are English-style pubs, traditional Chinese shops selling herbal medicines and Buddhist paraphernalia to be found. Its entertainment industry is renowned, particularly in the area of martial arts. Hong Kong 's religious beliefs are strongly rooted in Buddhist or Taoist beliefs and elders frequent temples delivering gifts of fruit, incense and burnt paper offerings.

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