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The Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii

Address: The Contemporary Museum (Spalding House)
2411 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822


The Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii


If you always wanted to become an artist, or were always interested in paintings and collections, this internationally accredited and renownedHawaiian institution is a perfect place to visit. The gallery has a huge collection of Asian art; from Japanese woodblock prints to Europe's and America's most famous artists.

Many great artists gained inspiration from the wonderful tropical islands of Hawaii, and the Art To-Go program is designed to teach kids with a talent to paint, draw, or just become more creative. There are meetings locally every 12 weeks, and if you are interested in joining the club with your art lover child, you have to know that the places are limited. The school only takes on 12 to 20 students at a time, to make sure that kids get the tutors' full attention.

If you want to see Doris Duke's Honolulu home, Shangri La, there are fantastic induction tours arranged to the location. There are many courses and events organized at the house, and you can see the original scenery that inspired not only Doris Duke, but other great artists as well. Honolulu is one of the best places to get involved in painting and arts, and if you simply would like to know more about the different styles or history of painting and decoration, there are many courses held by professional artists with an education degree to join.

If you think that you are already a devoted artist, you can even join the artist-in-residency program. There are many famous painters on site you can learn a lot from, and the gallery and Academy are open for new talents. You can join the program and learn from real artists, catch their moves and analyze their techniques. There are musicians and museum experts on site, as well, if you would like to study cultural management and other related subjects.


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