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A comfortable two hour drive north of Sydney, Hunter Valley is the oldest and most established wine producing region of Australia. A combination of excellent shopping facilities, the wineries the area is famous for and a whole host of other localising histories including cheese makers, and a particularly vibrant arts scene, make Hunter Valley a fascinating place to visit. A firm favourite with wine lovers, a place where you can enjoy not only Australia's more established vintages a range of fresh young wines, many of which are set to become sure fire winner's in the coming years.

Some of the major Hunter Valley attractions are the vineyards. Many world famous wine producers are based in the region and most of the larger vineyards (and also many smaller ones) offer tours and wine tastings. Whether you have a day or a week to explore, you can take in a number of wineries and also get a flavour of the countryside as you travel around. You can work out your own itinerary, or book a Hunter Valley wine tour.

However, it's not just the wine that keeps visitors coming back. The Hunter Valley has plenty of other attractions that make it a wonderful holiday destination.

You can explore the rainforest in Barrington Tops National Park , visit Lake Macquarie, or stroll around the beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens. There are wildlife trails, golf courses and, of course, plenty of wonderful Hunter Valley restaurants to dine in.

Hunter Valley Travel

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