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Asiana Airlines

Renowned for its efficiency, cleanliness, top notch amenities, quick passenger check-ins, and customer service, it also has the youngest fleet of any of the top ten airlines, with the average age of the fleet being 7.6 years old.

With the great majority of its flights concentrated in the Asian region, specifically China, Japan, and the Southeast and Southwest Asian countries (over fifty flights alone to all of these countries), as well as five flights to the US and a minimal number of flights to Europe and Australia, this has become one of the premier airlines serving the Asian continent. With first class ratings in every airline category, Asiana Airlines is one of the best that one can fly on today. Passengers in economy class (known as Travelers Class on this airline) will receive customer service famous for its level of attentiveness, courteousness, and efficiency and have their own individual entertainment system, ergonomically reclining seat, and laptop port.

The cuisine of this class consists of Western, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine; a sample menu option for Travelers Class passengers includes BI-BIM-BAP (a famous Korean Cuisine which contains steamed rice and other assorted vegetables, a sweet and spicy pepper paste, and sesame seed oil add a mild tangy flavor), fruit, and soup, or salad with prawns, cold noodles, bun, rice with beef, and chili noodle with fish.

Passengers in Business Class will have fully reclining seats as well as first class SkyBed seats on some aircraft, with a full fifty inches between each row of seats and individual entertainment systems with a 15 inch tv and laptop ports, and receive a blanket, writing instruments, postcards, playing cards, simple medical supplies, and, on long distance flights, an amenity kit containing high quality cosmetics and other essential travel items.

Again, they will also receive some of the most punctual and pleasant service found on any airline today. Sample menu options include white fish with chili flavored sauce and rice, bread, Japanese noodle”soba”, cake, and drink, or shrimp with garden salad, mixed seafood, melon cheese tart, rice, bread roll, and drink. First Class passengers will receive fully reclining flat bed seats, friendly and courteous staff, and complimentary pyjamas; a sample menu includes canapés, smoked duck, crab basket, vegetable antipasto skewer, creamy pea and mint soup, or bibimbap, assorted cheese and fresh fruit, tiramisu cake, and drink, among many other menu options.

With some of the best customer service and staff of all the top ten airlines, plus some of the cleanest cabins and first rate amenities, it is easy to see why Asiana Airlines is ranked among the best international airlines in the world today.