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Adult Fun In Reeperbahn Hamburg - by wuestenigel
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When you visit Hamburg you will notice that there is no place quite like Reeperbahn. Reeperbahn is simply put the place to go when you are visiting the city. It is where you will find the theatres, best restaurants, bars and the sex life of the city. You will also find all types of tourism in the area which makes your visit even more exciting. As far as adult entertainment you should know that prostitution is legal in Germany. This was done to help the legal status of women in the business and to help reduce human trafficking and the measures have been fairly successful.


Window Shopping

You would think that a place where street prostitution is legal at certain times in the day would not be a safe area, but the police have actually managed to make Davidstraße one of the safest anywhere. But if you are looking to do some “window shopping” like you would in Amsterdam then you should head to Herbertstraße. This is the area where the ladies of the night will display themselves in the windows to attract potential customers. One word of advice is to be careful if you are only taking a look. There is hostility shown to those looking and not buying.

Strip Clubs

There are plenty of places in Reeperbahn to watch ladies taking it off. Strip clubs are a plenty in the area and most of them do not have a cover charge. You can expect to pay about €5 for your drinks but when you buy a drink for the ladies it may cost up six times as much. The reason is that you are paying for the drink itself and for the company you are getting. You must also be on the lookout for offers which are too good. It is not uncommon to get bottles that you have not ordered which can add up to a very expensive couple of hours at the club.


Sex Shops

You can find a lot of adult fun in the sex shops in the area. You can shop for anything and in some cases these shops will also have some sort of live show. Notice that these sex shows are more frequent and they get better the later it is. You can also find cabins that show adult movies at any time the shops are open, and you can of course purchase the adult movies that you watch. There are peep shows and you can buy any toy that you have ever dreamed of. Some of the sex shops are famous world-wide and when you visit Reeperbahn you soon realize why.

Other Fun 1

Of course this red light district is known around the world, so when you visit it you know it will be special. It is not as if all the things mentioned earlier are not enough to keep anyone happy, but there is a lot more. You can find sex museums and souvenir shops where you can keep yourself entertained when you feel that you need a break. The bars are also a great place to rest, but make sure that you do not over do the drinking. This is because being in a red light district means that some people will try to take advantage of those who do not stay in control.

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