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Flying to Nairobi , Cape Town, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New Delhi, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Muscat, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Los Angeles, and more, British Airways transports its passengers in a fleet of 232 airplanes with an average age of eleven years old. Offering a flight experience that is consistently first rate and exceptional in all flight classes, this airline has a solid reputation for outstanding quality and service, and ranks easily among the top ten airlines in the world year after year.

British Airways’ World Traveller Economy Class will provide its passengers with an ergonomically designed reclining seat that comes equipped with its own entertainment system, allowing the passenger to choose from audio cds, movies, and tv programs to view; they will also receive small kit with socks, a sleep mask, earplugs and a toothbrush. 

Many of its newer seats have also increased the amount of legroom available, with many travelers agreeing that it rivals that of its Business Class. British Airways’ Business Class provides its passengers with their own personal space, or what they refer to as cabin, which is a cubby space surrounding each seat with adjustable private screens; each cabin has its own reclining seat, personal locker space, 26 cm tv, quilt, and a more comfortable mattress. Their seat will also have its own laptop port, entertainment system as well as with pillows, towels, and blankets for the duration of the flight; a full wine and spirits bar is also available for these passengers, along with fresh fruits and steaming hot meals. 

Upon arrival, passengers of this particular class will also have access to the Business Class Lounge, which will allow them to take a shower or visit the Elemis Spa, where they may receive full body massages, facials, and scalp massage; valet services, and complimentary food and beverage is also given as well. Departing passengers of Business Class may also use this lounge ahead of their flight to enjoy a full course meal that is not prepared at high altitudes, and then fly the entire flight un-interrupted; both departing and arriving passengers may also use the free internet access provided in this lounge.

British Airway’s First Class travelers, however, do receive the ultimate in luxurious treatment, and it is indeed this class for which this airline is renown worldwide, providing its passengers with some of the most pampered and first rate on board service available today; with all of the amenities provided in Business Class and more, first class travelers will also receive their own personal turn down service, gourmet dinners, wines, and champagnes, and a dvd library to choose from. 

Upon arrival, the award winning First Class Lounge will also continue the opulent and luxurious experience, with a complete gold-lined wine and champagne bar, a huge ornately decorated room, restaurant style dining in private booths, complimentary foods including salad, fruits, cakes, desserts, etc., a Molton Brown spa and beauty salon (at London’s Heathrow Airport), complete bathrooms, tvs, outdoor terraces (in some instances), and comfortable couches and chairs. A truly decadent experience, the First Class traveling option is one of the most luxurious travel flights that one can embark on today, and British Airways overall is rightfully ranked as one of the most luxurious airlines worldwide today. 

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