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Cathay Airlines
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The fleet of this airline consists of more than 150 aircraft, consisting of Boeing 747-400s, Boeing 777-300s, Boeing 777-200s, Airbus Industrie 340-300s, and Airbus 330-300s. This airline flies to over 130 destinations throughout Asian, Australia, Europe, the US (exuding Alaska), and the Middle East.

Its economy class is furnished with new seats that offer a comfortable and very generous amount of legroom than that which had been offered previously, reclining seats that do not the row behind, and personal nine inch tvs; in addition, they also offer a selection of 100 movies, 350 tv shows 888 music cds, and twenty video channels. Its business class features fully reclining seats in a fishbone pattern, with seats facing away from the windows, built in seat massagers, personal phones, power outlets, and larger tvs; first class features ten flat bed seats which recline fully to 79 inches and have a width of 22 inches, personal closets, foot rests, duvets/pajamas/ deluxe side pillows, and 17” tvs. Its first class section was rated as best first class worldwide 2008 by Skytrax.

The lounges associated with Cathay airlines gerneally receive good ratings and reviews as well, with the majority of lounge being clean, well-maintained, having a good selection of food and drink, extremely clean showers, good customer service, and internet stations; first class lounges also come equipped with luxury spas, gourmet cafes, and reading rooms.

All classes offer laptop power outlets as well. A frequent flyers program is offered with Asia Miles, which is free to join and offers frequent flyer miles rewards; exclusive travelers may also wish to join the Marco Polo Club for access to over 600 lounges in 130 countries with additional benefits, amenities, and duty-free specials. Cathay Airlines is consistently ranked among the top five airliens worldwide and offers one of the most luxurious flight experiences possible.

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