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Iran, forme rly known as Persia, is a country in the Middle East located between the vast Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Iran shares a border with Iraq to its west, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey along the north and northwest. It also borders the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan to the southeast. The capital of Iran is Tehran, a large city with heavy traffic and severe air pollution.  

Iran travel


Perhaps the most interesting locations and one of Iran's loveliest cities is the city of Isfahan, which consists of marvelous architecture. The city also has a great many tree lined boulevards and comfortable, shaded sidewalks. Kashan, which is a n oasis, has a vivid and rich. Also, in the remote city of Yazd, a desert locale, there is an unusual architecture greatly influenced by the regions desert climate where streams of wate r run in below ground caverns , and the area has multiple wind towers to keep the underground water cool. The most visited tourist location in Iran is Kish Island. Kish Island is a trade-free zone along the Persian Gulf and is often regarded to be a consumer's paradise. The island has many malls, shopping centers and hotels. It is the location of the most famous hotel in Iran, the Dariush Grand hotel. Susa, also known as Shush, is located approximately 200 km north of Ahvaz is Iran's oldest city. The area includes many historical sites including the Ziggurat built by Chughazaribil, the palace of Darius the Great, a temple from the era of the Jewish prophet Daniel and the palace of Artaxerxer II.

Iran travel


Travel into Iran is difficult and very limited to a select list of passport holders from specific countries. A valid passport and visa are required to travel to and inside Iran. Travelers from Europe will arrive at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. Visitors from the Middle East and Central and South Asia arrive at the new Imam Khomeini International Airport 37km southwest of Tehran. All international flights will at some point be directed to this airport. Scheduled flights arrive frequently from Dubai and some major European cities. There are no direct flights from the United States and visitors from the US should travel via either Europe or Dubai.


A diverse climate is present in Iran due to its location in the Middle East and being so close as well to the Asian continent. Winds and heavy snowfall with subfreezing temperatures occur in the Northwest between the months of December and January. Spring and fall are mild in relation to the rest of the year, with summer considerably dry and hot. In the south, Iran has mild winters while summer remains very hot, with average daily temperatures in July exceeding 38 degrees Celsius 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the plain of Khuzestan, summer heat is also presents the region with high humidity.
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